Finding Happiness

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Even though I was convinced I was broke,

You convinced me otherwise.

And I can never thank you enough.

My day was overwhelmed with sadness today,

But your smile came and proved to me there is a reason to not give up.

The hugs that I have yearned to have were finally given to me,

And I could never replace you.

Even though one person may come and go,

That's how life is.

Some people are there to teach us a lesson,

To make us grow stronger.

And now,

Knowing I have you by my side gives me a newfound strength.

I knew I always had you,

But the recent moments that have brought me down have made us grow closer.

And with you,

I dance and sing for the new joy that I have that I can never express.

The people in my past,

Did bring me joy but they left me.

They gave up on me.

But I know when you promise me forever,

I can believe it.

Because I see it in your smile,

I see the truth in your eyes.

I feel it when I am in your arms.

I feel it when you spin me around and I throw my head back in laughter.

I know you won't give up.

I know your words are true even though my trust have been broken multiple times.

I know you will fight for me when no one else will,

Because you whisper the sweet words in my ear and remind me everyday how special I am, even when all love seems gone.

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