"Ash, turn your alarm off" James muttered nudging me.

"It's too early though" I moaned.

"You have work doofus"

"Shit, yeah"

"No shit Sherlock"

"Fuck you Watson"

"If only" James smirked blinking as I turned the light on.

"I'm gonna have a shower" I said getting out the bed. I went into the shower.

I got out and wrapped a towel around my body and another for my hair. I left the bathroom and heard the buzzer. I groaned and pressed it.

"Hey Ash, I'm here for the kids" Dougies voice came.

"Okay, doors open, come straight in" I said. I took my hand off the switch and James' arms suddenly wrapped around me, startling me.

I squealed and lifted my legs off the ground. He spun around and kissed my neck, I heard the door shut and James put me on the floor.

"Daddy! James and mummy are in love and getting married!" Jenny squealed running to Dougie.

"Yeah, well, James deserves her" Dougie said picking her up

"We're not together" James said, his arms still around me.

"Doesn't look like it" Dougie said looking at us.

"We aren't..." I started.

"I believe you"

"I'm gonna get ready for work"

"See ya"

I went into my bedroom and pulled out my black polo shirt and skinny jeans. I put them on and dried my hair, putting it in a bun. I applied some makeup and joined Dougie, James and the triplets. James smirked as he saw me, he was in my armchair, his legs hanging over one side.

"Dick" I said, sitting on his stomach.

"No, James"

"Isn't as amazing as me!" I giggled.

"Please get off, this is really uncomfortable" James moaned.

"Nah, are the kids ready?" I asked, looking at Dougie.

"I dunno" he shrugged.

"Nice of you to check" I said sarcastically getting up and knocking on their door.

"What can I get you?" I smiled at the 20 ish year old man with a young boy.

"A diet and normal coke please" he smiled at me.


"Do you want ice Leo?" The man asked the boy.

He nodded. "For both?"

"Yes thanks"

I got both the drinks and went back to them.

"£2.10 please" I said playing them on the beer mat. The man gave me the money, I gave him his change and he went off.

"Ashleighh!" Two voices came. I turned around to see Harry and Matt galloping over to me.

"The usual?" I smiled.

"Yup" Matt said popping the p.

I laughed and got two j2o's and poured them into glasses with ice and gave them to them.

"Here's the money chick" Matt gave me the money.

"Cheers me dears"

"I loved your video" Harry chuckled sitting on the bar stool.

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