Sasha's P.O.V

Today is Friday. The day i have been waiting for my whole life! HA, I'm just joking. I totally do not want to go on this date. On the bright side though, Liam has apologized and started to act normal. He told the whole school we weren't dating yet, so I went back to being bullied. John has also apologized, but is so clingy! Ever since I told him to back off, he's been trying to become closer to me. It's not that I don't like having attention for once, it's just that I don't need him all in my sasha zone.

As for the rest of the group, we've gotten really close over the past few days. Claire is like my sista from a different mista. I have grown a liking to her loudness and her ass of a boyfriend. For the twins, Michael and I really hit it off. Turns out he is gay. I am the only one who figured it out though. People can be so blindsided. As for the other twin, Matthew, we hate each other. We call each other names, we fight all the time at lunch, and we insult each other dates. As in we, I mean I insult his demon of a girlfriend. Lastly Nicole. I love her! She's really quiet and doesn't bother me. Sure we talk once and a while and she is in my gym class, but I have this crazy feeling she is scared of me. 

"so wake me up when its all over, when I'm wiser and I'm older..!"

Ugh, school time. I get up and take a shower. When I get out I see I wet my hair. Great. It is going to be a curly mess today and I am not in the mood for that. In case you didn't know, my hair was relaxed. I have been relaxing it for a while, it makes my hair straight and not curly. If I get it wet though, it curls up again. Being annoyed as ever, I put my Eco styler gel and lotion up my body. For my outfit, I put on skinny jeans, my lion king sweatshirt, and my black Nike's. I decided to lay low on the makeup so I just put on concealer to cover up them bags. I didn't sleep at all last night.

"morning baby," my dad says.

"hey dad. I need to leave now so tell mamma I lover her?" I respond.

"Of course I will. Have a great day at school." he says happily. With that I get my apple and out the door I go. My parents and I have gotten close over the week. After I told them how I felt, they've been working less and spending time with me more. They are also trying for another baby! I am so excited and dad also is turning our house into a foster home so I won't be lonely. You have no idea how happy I am about this!

"Hey sash." Claire said walking over to me.

"Hey claaa," I said then I noticed Bradley was there also," Bradley..? hi." I hate him so much. He treats me so bad in school and Claire doesn't even notice. If she does she tells me he has a rough childhood. Fuck that Claire. "Hey Claire, I am going to leave you two alone, and run to school. See ya!" I screamed while running. I didn't even notice how fast I was running until I was at school under 10 minutes. While rushing to my, I bumped into Micheal.

"Watch where you going you fucker before I," he looked down and saw it was me, "before I hug you and take you out for ice cream! Sasha! You have a date tonight with boy toy tonight!"

I laughed, "keep it down would ya? The whole world doesn't need to know. Hey don't forget people think you are straight here, so act more manly."

"I am. Look at this baby," He said while lifting up his shirt. Micheal had an 8 pack. 

"Don't flatter yourself, I have to get to class and so do you! See you at lunch!" I screamed going to my locker. 

In geometry, Mr. Rowland will not even look at me anymore. Liam must have really got him scared. Looking back at my seat, I see John isn't there. Probably out with his little sl- Girlfriend. I mean Girlfriend. Minutes passes and class finally started. Liam switched out because he really wasn't qualified for any of my classes. Except for the regular ones, like chemistry. John was here though and was right next to me. 

"Your date is tonight right?" he whispered.

"Sadly, but is it weird that I am also excited?"

"Maybe, maybe not. You are going out with Richie Rich. That doesn't happen a lot right?" I was shocked. I think that was an insult. Maybe he was jealous, still though, that was mean. So I ignored his ass for the rest of the day. 

After class, I had gym, English, Photography, and then History. All those classes stink, I kinda just sat there. Even in gym. I wasn't in the mood for anything. Finally the bell rung. Lunch time!

"Sasha!" someone screamed. I turned around and I was met with beautiful blue eyes. 

"Liam! Hey!" I said back with excitement.

"Our date is tonight, I hope you didn't forget." he said shyly.

"Oh is that today? I kinda made plans.." I said. Then his face immediately dropped, " I am kidding. I know it is today. Calm down"

"Whoo! You scared me pretty lady. Anyways, you need to dress pretty. Not that you don't look pretty, it is just that we are going somewhere and you need to look good. Not that you don't look good I mean.."

He is so adorable. Wait no, i am supposed not like this date and never talk to him again! Sasha remember!! "I get it Liam. Dress formally, I got it. I will see ya tonight." i said pecking his cheek.

"W-Wait!" He screamed.


"As you know I do not have a car, so my brother has to drive us, I know that is not the best but we are only 16. My parents are getting me a car for my 17th, so please don't let that ruin our date."

"It won't. Promise." I smiled and walked to my table. 


Lunch was over about an 2 hours ago. It was the end of school now. That means date time!


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