Girls Night In

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Last time kelly collapse due to stress and was told she was allowed to go back to work as long as she takes it easy after work. Bey and Shawn had an argument about him inviting his sister and he didn't want to invite his sister because she has Down syndrome And doesn't want his sister to be made fun of by anyone. Michelle told Tim about her and Michael he said it was okay as long as he played video games.

So it's been a day since Kelly's little accident.

She was lying in bed. Trey brought in a tray with breakfast on it

Kelly: thank you

Trey: well I thought you deserved it

Kelly: or you thought you would want me to forgive you

Trey: well that to

Kelly: that's what I thought

Trey: look I just wanted to tell you I feel really bad about it

Kelly: I know you do but I like it when you beg

Trey: please,please,forgive me

Kelly: fine but you have to do one thing for me

Trey: what?

Kelly: get James to get me off of maternity leave

Trey: fine.

Kelly:thank you

Meanwhile Beyonce was at the hospital with her sister while their father got his treatment.

Bey:how've you been feeling

Solange: fat

Bey: you're hardly showing

Solange: are you pregnant right now?

Bey: no

Solange: didn't think so, so you have no idea what I'm going through

Bey: sorry you're right I'm sorry

Solange:it's not you're fault I didn't mean to snap at you.

Bey: honey it's okay you're just a little stressed I understand

Solange: yeah dad is worrying me

Bey: don't worry it'll all work out

Solange: with him dying

Beyonce sighed

Solange:I can't handle that

Bey: honey I'm right here with you

Solange: I know that but what about my baby huh whose gonna be there to teach my kid how to do some things if he can't go to its father.

Bey: let's not worry about that now

Solange: I can't handle this

Solange walked out

Bey watched her leave.

Matthew came out into the waiting room

Matthew: where did she go?

Bey:I don't know but she's pretty upset

Matthew: did you tell her it was gonna be okay

Bey: yes I did you have to understand that it's not all gonna be okay this is hard for her.

Matthew: I'm just trying to be optimistic

Bey: I know you are but not everything is peachy dad

Matthew: you're right

Bey: Solange I know will come around and she's not just you're daughter she's your baby girl and right now we both need you just as much as you need us

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