=Chapter 2=

It's been a week since Sofia's birthday party and I'm swamped with projects due for almost all of my classes. I almost wish that I wouldn't have even bothered with going to Uni but then I mentally slap myself and realize how stupid that would be. I roll over and turn off my alarm clock that's blaring an Ed Sheeran song. I lay in bed and think about nothing, just procrastinating. My second alarm goes off and I sit up in bed before I turn it off. I'm delighted with myself when I discover a heap of clothes neatly folded on my desk. I slip off my bed and head into my bathroom to shower quickly.

When I emerge from the bathroom the strong smell of my soaps seep out and the scent of citrus fills the air. I've always favored citrus smells over all the rest because it's sweet, but at the same time it's bitter. It reminds me of a bunch of things in my life and how all the sweet things can usually end up with bitterness rotting it all out. I grab my clothes and get dressed. I groan as I struggle to pull up my white skinny jeans over my damp legs. The struggle is real right now. I button them up and slip into my bright teal sweater as I think about what to wear on my feet. I settle on my tan leather ankle boots as I walk out of my room and towards the kitchen.

I grip the cover of the kettle tightly as I fill it with water and put it along the upper side of the range. While waiting for the kettle to whistle I pull down a mug and my favorite kind of tea, Earl Grey. I lean against the counter and pick at my nails as I wait. When the whistling sound starts I quickly pour the water into the mug and let the tea seep. I walk back into my room and look at my phone seeing that I have a text.

*From: Sofia

Do u mind carpooling?*

**To Sofia:

Not at all. Car won't go again? **

*From: Sofia

Lol no. Happy Mondayyyy. Thank you tho :)*

**To: Sofia

Hate to say it.. but I told you so lol Anytime :) B there in 10.**

I laugh to myself as I remember her complaining to me for the past few days about her car. I advised that she go and get it checked, but she absolutely refuses. Knowing her, she's going to make me do it. I shake my head as I walk over to my desk and put in a random pair of earrings. I quickly braid my long bangs and pin them back along the sides with a few bobby pins. I walk back out to my kitchen and quickly transfer my tea into a travel mug and grab a blueberry muffin from off of the counter before I head out to my car.

The fresh breeze blows my hair roughly as I open the door and go in. The drive to Sofia's is short but cold as my car refuses to heat itself. I guess I should get that checked out. I pull in front of the small house she shares with her older sister. I send her a quick text letting her know I'm here and a few seconds later the black door opens and Sofia makes her way to my car. I unlock the door so she doesn't have to stand out and freeze, seeing as she's wearing a short dress.

"Heyyy." She grins at me as she buckles herself in.

"Hey," I grin back at her and begin to twenty minute drive to the campus. "Aren't you freezing?" I ask her and glance over at her as she plays around with the radio.

"Eh, beauty's pain." She responds after a few seconds and All of Me by John Legend begins to play throughout the vehicle.


"I still don't see why you drive a Nissan." Josh comments as he and Sofia climb into my car. We decided to have a date night with a couple of our friends from Uni.

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