Chapter 20

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 It’s been a week since the crash and some of her friends came for a visit. Even Chris. He actually looked like he cared about her. After they all left the hospital, the doctor came up to me and told me that she finally woke up from the coma. I stormed into her room and a nurse was handing her a glass of water.

“Hi, there.” I said. I haven’t actually smiled like this since the crash.

“Hey. I slept too much, huh?” She said with a chuckle.

“Not more than usual.” I laughed and went to her bed. I gave her the tightest hug anyone could give.

After a while of just hugging each other the nurse came in with the check out papers. She had bruises on her thighs but she acted like they didn’t hurt so that I wouldn’t feel bad.

 When we finally got to the car I rented her phone was ringing. She opened it before I could ask her who it was. As she was talking I saw her eyes tearing up.

“So, who was it?” I asked while still looking at the road.

“It’s weird but it was Keri. She asked if I was OK.” She said with a small smile.

 I shrugged and decided to let it go. We got to her drive way and I walked her to the door. No one answered.

“So, I guess we have the home to ourselves, huh?” She said with a grin. Something has changed in her I guess. She was kind of feisty, I guess. And I was totally OK with it. She took the spare key from under the doormat and opened the door.

 The minute I closed the door she dropped the bag from her hand and we started kissing. She was never like this and I was loving the way she was like this. I dropped my backpack and led her to the couch without breaking the kiss. She pressed me on to the couch and took my shirt off. My hands found the hem of her shirt and I almost ripped it off. Her hand went to my pants and down to my bulge and I felt her smiling under the kiss. She was such a tease. Just as she was taking my belt off we heard a car pulling to drive way.

“I guess we’ll have to continue this another time” She said as she was putting her shirt on. I loved her being playful like this. I was breathless and her parents came in. They hugged each other and her mother thanked me for taking care of her. They invited me for dinner but I told them I had to go home. I went home and had dinner with my mom. I’ve been getting these texts since morning but I never cared enough to actually read them. I finally look and see that they’re all invitations to a party. Tomorrow at 8 but I really don’t go without April so I call her. Hope she says yes because I really want to go. I call her and she picks up at one ring. She says that she can’t go because her parents think that she should rest. But she insists on me going. First I tell her that I won’t go but she says that if I don’t go and enjoy myself we won’ continue what we started. So guess what? I’m going to the party. With a small feeling of guilt I decide to go to bed.


 I woke up with my mother banging my door. I look at my phone and immediately smile because I’ve got several morning texts from Cameron. I bet he’s feeling guilty because of the party but he shouldn’t. I decide to call him after breakfast and ask him if he wants to do something. I go downstairs and join my parents at the table.

“Oh, I forgot to ask you, are you close with Keri again?” Says my mom with a concerned face.

“No, why?” I say with a cracked voice.

“She called here while you were sleeping and asked about that party. She seemed like she wanted you there. But that doesn’t mean that you’re going.” She says with a determined voice. I shrug and keep eating. After helping mom with the dishes, I text Keri and ask her what’s all that about. While waiting for her reply I call Cameron.

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