Chapter 2

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"School? I'm going to school?" Melissa asked in disbelief.

"You both are going to school." the Director said.

"When?" Collin asked, surprised just like Melissa.

"Melissa starts next week, Collin begins in a month. I planned this so you two don't look suspicious when you enter."

"Wait a minute! Why do I have to start next week?" Melissa said. The Director didn't reply.

"Will we be still living here?" Collin asked, having no expression on his face.

"Both of you are being sent to D.C. You'll be living in a house with Agent Walkers siblings. From there, both of you will be attending a Private Academy, where you have to acquaint the child of the enemy."

"Child?" Collin asked.

"Did you say siblings?" Melissa asked. Siblings, is possible her favorite word now. This means she'll be able to see her brother and sister again. Her only family.

"The rest is in the file I'll be giving you tonight. Agents I suggested you both start packing now."

"What?" Melissa said, confused.

"We're leaving tonight?" Collin asked.

"Yes" was all the Director said.


"Where are you going?" Sarah, Melissa's best friend, asked. She noticed two suitcases were next to Melissa'a door.

"To D.C. I'm going to see my siblings again!" Melissa said with a smile. Even though she worked in the A56, her two siblings did not. Lucas, who was about to turn 20, is her older brother. Sofie, who is 7, is her younger sister. When she joined the A56, she wanted them to promise that the facility will keep them safe. The Director sent the siblings in one of the houses he owns up in D.C. Melissa still kept in touch with them but she had mostly had more and more missions.

"You mean Sofie and Lucas? Little adorable Sofie? And buff quiet Lucas?"

"Buff quiet?" Melissa said, raising an eyebrow. She gave Sarah a, 'what the hell?' face.

"Cause he's buff and quiet. You know he only spoke to me twice!" Sarah held up two fingers, "Twice!"

Melissa laughed.

"It's not funny! And when I tried to start a conversation with him he would always go, 'Hm yeah'. He always talked with the guys though! I don't get it. Did I do something to make him upset?"

"No he's just like that. He had girlfriend before but it didn't work out, so you know, it cause trouble, so he's staying far away from girls now."

"Oh, well he could of told me that!" Sarah said. She glance at Melissa who was have trouble deciding which shoes to take.

"Take the black ones, black goes with anything. Orange converse isn't your ideal style."

"I kind of regret buying these orange converse."

"I told you not to buy them! I told you!"

"I know! It's just they were on sale and nobody wanted them. So I just got them cause I felt bad for the shoes!"

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