*8* Problem - Ariana Grande

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"Head in the clouds

Got no weight on my shoulders

I should be wiser

And realize that I've got

One less problem without ya!"

I stormed over to Mr. Bergeron at the exact same time that Jack did.

"Can I help you two?" he asked us, looking up from his computer.

"Us two as a duet? Seriously?" I said, and Jack nodded in agreement.

"The two of you have the best voices in the class. I believe that you will mix together well," Mr. Bergeron replied calmly.

"No offense, Mr. Bergeron," I said, "but I think you're completely wrong on this one."

"We aren't going to do a duet together," Jack concluded.

"I'm sorry," Mr. Bergeron told us, "but what I say goes. You are now required to go through with it."

"I refuse to work with her," Jack said.

"And the same goes for me," I agreed.

"If you don't do this, I will have to fail you for the semester. And let me assure you, not many colleges or producing companies will accept people that flunked Choir."

After that, Jack and I shut up. Still grumbling, I went back to the back of the room and grabbed my bag.

Heather came up to me and said, "The rest of the girls and I are going to spend the night at Eliza's, and she just asked if you wanted to come too."

I almost said I couldn't, thinking about the meeting tomorrow, but then I remembered the finished mixes on my laptop. I figured with all of this duet drama going on, a little time with some girlfriends wouldn't hurt.

"I can't stay the night, but I should be able to stay for the evening," I replied, and Heather quickly texted Eliza back.

We headed out to my truck and Heather guided me to Eliza's house. Being the only white house on the street, it was easy to find. I parked the car in the driveway and then we went up to the door.

Answering the door was a short little wiener dog tipping at us, then Eliza appeared and opened the door. She let us in and we went upstairs into her room where Amber was already waiting.

We spent a very long time on our phones laughing at random Vines. Then Eliza went downstairs only to come back with Jimmy John's for all of us.

As we were eating, Eliza said, "So I know that Amber and Sam are going to the homecoming dance together. Anybody else going with a guy?"

I nearly choked on my sandwich, "Amber! You didn't tell me that Sam asked!"

"Yeah," she replied calmly, "he asked just a few days ago. I still need a dress though."

"We can look for ones together," Eliza said, and when she saw all of our shocked faces, she added, "Adam asked me today."

"Aww!" Heather and I both squealed.

"You're so cute together!" Heather said, "and I guess while everybody is confessing things, I might as well add that Dustin asked me today too."

Our jaws dropped. We didn't even know that they liked each other! I guess I'm the only one not going, then.

"So Camara," Amber asked, "I assume you're going with Jack, then?"

I laughed, then replied, "No, I'm pretty sure he's going with Abby. Plus, we kind of hate each other's guts, so that would pretty much ruin the mood of your dance. I don't think I'll go to the dance this year."

"No, you have to come!" Heather exclaimed.

"I'll still be happy for you guys and your dates, and I'll happily come with to watch you guys get your dresses, but I'm not going."

"Fine," Eliza said, exasperated, "but you're trying on a few dresses with us. How about shopping on Monday? None of us really want to go to the carnival right?"

We all agreed, and went back to our original spots, yet again on Vine.

Soon it got to be pretty late, and I figured that I should head home so I could get some sleep before the meeting the next day.

As I was driving away, I made the decision to stop at Dairy Queen on the way back to my house. I ordered my usual, a vanilla come with the crunch coat topping. As I was waiting for my ice cream, I saw Lizzy and Crystal from homeroom sitting at a table, and figured I didn't really have to be home urgently. I went back by them and sat down. The other girl with them was Crystal's sister, Annabeth. We talked a little bit about school and the OnStage performance, and I complained a little bit to them about my duet partner. Apparently, Lizzy was student director, Crystal was in the costume design class, and Annabeth was such a good artist that she was head of set creation.

Soon it got late, and I decided to get home. I went to bed, extremely excited about the meeting tomorrow. I couldn't wait.

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