I'm half done with packing my suitcase when my mom peaks her head into the door.

"Sandra dear everthing is set, I talked to Mrs.Fern about you staying the night."

I rolled my eyes, since she was acting like it was a wonderful day and she was my same clean freak mother and my dad was the same business man that rushed out every morning.No all of these are lies, and I felt bad about last night, please, my lie felt like I spent a night over Sammy's house when I was suppose to be at a sleepover with all girls.

"I'm late for work honey, I see you at six!"Dad called from downstairs.

""Its Sunday dear!"Mom said.

And a huge clunk sound hit the ground, possibly my father's briefcase with a relief feeling.Mom turned back around,"Hurry done, breakfast is on the table."

She walked away, and I mocked her under my breath.I know she's only trying to protect me from.......... whatever she's trying to protect me from, but all I feel is like a person that has been hidden from her own life.So far the only thing I know is that I know for sure is that my name is Sandra Deeps and I have a mom that works at the cafe in town and a dad that just has a job I dont know about.

I stuffed mortal instruments inside hoping that the bag wont burst by the size of the book, and headed down stairs.I left my suitcase by the door so I can leave as soon as I was done eating.I walked quickly to the table and took a seat.Pancakes, sausages, and a smoothie in a pitcher, wow, my mom out did herself.I turned around in my chair smiling, like I always did on the weekends waiting for Sammy to walk into the front door askinf for food.But then, I felt sad all over again because I crapped everything up with Sammy.I didnt personally do anything to Sammy , but I need to fix it, I need him in my mornings, he's that positive person that posts always say to have by you.

I turned back around and picked up the pitcher to drink whatever white mix my mom made.Then put two pancakes and a sausage on my plate

and started cutting everything brutally thinking.Then a simple idea just popped into my head, just go and talk to Sammy:simple, clean,nice, and done.

I shoved all the food in my mouth.Got a new plate and stacked four pancakes and three sausages and wrapped that in aluminum foil, then I poured out a bottle of water into a cup and grabbed the pitcher and poured the white liquid into the bottle, and tightened the top.

"I'm trying not to say anything."Dad says cutting his pancakes.

"Just packing a to go plate, this is just fabulous mom."I say rubbing my stomach.

"I'm sure Damion's mother will cook you guys a fabulous meal."Mom says.

"I'm sure of it."But have anyone ever seen Damion talk about his mother food, no, because his mom doesn't cook, logic.

I grabbed a brown bag and placed all the items in it carefully.

"Can a use one of those condiment containers, mom?"I asked searching for it in the cabinets.

"Sure honey, its in the bottom cabinet."

I searched for it in the bottom cabinet and found it behind the popcorn packs.Got one and poured some syrup in it and placed that up right in the bag.I walked toward my luggage, and called back to my parents,"I'm gonna walk to Damion's, thanks for the meal."And I was out the door heading toward Sammy's place.


I was at the front door, walking in circles trying to see what I would be saying.

"Hi Sammy, I really dont even know why your mad at me, I was trying to stop a stupid fight because I was being a friend.And thats what friends are suppose to do." will get him heated all over again. "Damion and I were wrong,I'm sorry. We should have held your emotions in our minds like a kitten in someones arms, careful and worried.Well I did, just Damion had to be his chillaxed self and act like he didnt know what was going on. Act? you ask Sammy, yes act........"

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