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Noticing who we really are, 

Ability to balance your own nationhood, 

Trouble not to show off, 

Indifference to variety, 

Oh My God as the only hope,

Nodding while others disagree, 

Adding yourself to social group, 

Life as cultural challenge, 

Identification of customs and purposes,

Taking for granted what is not, 

You can be who you wanna be? 

"When it comes to you, don't be blind" - the part of lyrics of song "2U". When I heard them for the first time, I was old myself, but when I listened again after a short while, it made me feel like a lot of things had changed and the most important part now is to stop being blind to what are MY needs. 


As what I often repeat is that nationality is of course our origin and country we were born in, but not only...If you are French and you spent a lot of time living in UK for example, then you can feel British or you can feel French, it's up to you what you feel more. It's about people, customs, personality, environment, esthetics, cultural flow, everything! 

As for me for example, of course I'm 100%  Polish as it goes about my origins, but in France I found something that changed me completely, but in the way I wanted to change. I realized that I have never been Polish by customs, even if there are many of them I strongly appreciate, but the Polish type of lifestyle and educational approach do not impress me at all, so each time I could leave Poland for a while, it came to me as a great relief. Of course, now it works a bit different, because I spent more time abroad than in Poland, but I just want to say that sometimes country has such an appealing atmosphere that you cannot just say that you do not feel a link with its nationality. I do feel associated with France. REALLY! And probably I'll never stop as it influenced me so much in the time of my life when my personality was growing that I cannot stop this process and just forget. That is why, I feel French by spirit and due to some of my origins to what turned out to be true while doing my family tree.

And please, do not misunderstand my opinion. I do not wanna say that France is better than Poland. Not at all. The value is the same, but can be interpreted differently for different people, as we are all unique. And of course, the same kind of things and types of behavior can be found in France and in Poland or UK or USA or wherever, but each country has a type of atmosphere you may feel or not at all.

Why I can say I'm half French is exactly about feeling. I remember my feelings in Poland before I visited France for the first time. I was overwhelmed, there was nothing exciting about being there, maybe because I've already achieved a lot, I've already seen many places, I felt like everything is so stable that I really cannot stand this lack of inspiration. What's more, my problem was that I lived in a very beautiful house with my parents, but they prefer generally more excluded areas whereas I was rather fun of bustling places. So home gave me a lot, but when I was outside this peace was too tiring for me. Whole town seemed to be boring and I hardly ever enjoyed the way it was. The same people, the same environment, everything was the same all over again. I also didn't like the stereotypes about Polish people, even if some of them are not real. But this type of celebrating things or celebrating daily life just wasn't mine. 

When I left to France for the first time, my first thought was "I found a missing puzzle of myself". That is why I have nothing against spreading the profound meaning of nationality. There are many factors we should take into consideration while setting the nationhood, but please never forget what is your real origin! I had moments when I was so amazed by other cultures that I started to forget how beautiful my country is. But having set my double spiritual nationality, I feel double love, double life, double amazement and double respect for both of them. Due to my passion for France, I started to point the things I like in Poland, so that it gave the effect that both of them give a perfect vision of what I love. They just go well with each other, all the imperfections of Poland are replaced with what perfect lies in French attitude and contrary, what I take for perfect in Poland is not so good in France. I can say that I wouldn't be the same person without these two countries as they shaped me, my personality. Poland gave me experience, France gave me joie de vivre to let me live this experience with incredible joy. 

As for stereotypes, I won't say a lot as I think everything depends on person and it's just hard to use general opinion. Let's just say that in France and either in Poland, I met many people who were a total contrast of what I wanted to see. France is taken as more focused on fashion and style, but I also met people who were totally "I don't care type". Hopefully, I met also those who paid as much attention as I did to the way I look, so there is a balance. I also know many well-dressed whole the week Polish people and I know those who can wear pyjamas all day all night from Monday to Sunday. There is no rule. What I pay attention to as it goes about fashion is not exactly what you wear, but how you respect people by caring about details and what's crucial is what you wear when you are at home, after work, you don't feel ok or sth. I call these emergency situations that identify what is your approach for fashion. As it goes about me, I love wearing dresses and elegant clothes, change them many times per day NO MATTER IF IT IS SUNDAY MORNING OR TUESDAY OR MONDAY OR HOLIDAY. I hate when people say "THIS IS MY T-SHIRT TO WEAR AT HOME" OR "CHANGE YOURSELF YOU ARE AT HOME". For me wearing high-heels at home is okay, because I like feeling elegant all the time and I don't like wearing no matter what to go to sleep. That shows respect to you and others and that's what I noticed more in France than in Poland. Polish people prefer comfortable fashion, whereas for me it's more "If you want to be beautiful, you have to survive uncomfortable situations". 

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