Part 2

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Me : guys I'm being serious
Jhope : why the hell do you feel the need to adopt a child ?! Isn't having Jimin enough ?!
Me : it's not a child ...

They all looked at me confused and I sighed .

Me : there's this person and I feel really sorry for her . I feel like I can give her a better life !
Jungkook : I understand you feel sorry for her but adoption isn't the option . You need to think more about it
Me : I have thought a lot and I know what I need to do
Jimin : am I the only one who thinks it will be a good idea ?
Tae : it's a great idea !

I smiled and looked at Namjoon for approval . In our group of friends he was the one who was best at making decisions , plus it was his house so he was kinda in charge .

Namjoon : well we do have a spare room ... but you need to give us more information
Me : well , I met this girl at the park and she seemed so sad and lonely . Then I found out she was an orphan . That's all you need to know at the moment

He sighed then looked around at the others to see their reactions .

Namjoon : okay
Jungkook : are you all seriously loosing your minds ?! There's going to be a child , a girl child ! Running around the house ! We won't have any privacy ! How about when we come out of the showers in just towels ? We can't do that anymore

I glared at him and he rolled his eyes and stormed up to his room .

Jimin : don't worry , I'm sure he will come to his senses soon
Me : mhn I hope so

I was sitting at the window of my shared room thinking about school tomorrow . I got bullied so badly and everyone judged me . I guess no one likes me because I'm different .

I heard someone come up the stairs so I quickly laid in bed .

The mistress opened the door and I pretend that I was just waking up .

Mistress : tomorrow someone is coming to see you so your not going to school
Me : does someone want to adopt me
Mistress : it seems that way but don't get your hopes up ...

She left and it was hard to hold in my excitement . This was the best thing I've heard in a very very long time . Maybe I was going to have a normal life . Maybe this would stop the bullying ...

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