Prank pt.2

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When he saw me move he smirked and grabbed me, threw me over his shoulder and left the room. They walked to the elevator and went up to my room. They threw me on the bed and started to do what I hate most. They started to tickle me. I tried to say stop but it came out as sup. They stopped tickling me because I threatened them that if they didn't stop I would prank one person every night for two months.


I was woken by my alarm clock blaring MCR(My Chemical Romance). I crawled out of bed and went to my bathroom for a hot shower. I took a 15 min shower and grabbed my towel, wrapped it around my body, then chose this outfit.

II got dressed and did my makeup which consisted of winged eyeliner, mascara, and nude purple lipstick

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II got dressed and did my makeup which consisted of winged eyeliner, mascara, and nude purple lipstick. I straightened my hair.I made my way down the stairs towards the elevator. I grabbed the keys to the Lamborghini and headed towards the purple and black one. We have 3 a blue and white one, a purple and black one, and a lime green and yellow one. I hopped in and drove to gate, put in the code and hit the road to school. After a 15 min drive I pulled into the school's parking lot and heard gasps as I got out. I made my way in and a girl wanted a pic with me. I told her she can take one when she asks my father if she could. As I was walking some girl bumped into me so her I pushed her  back and told her to watch where she was going. She said "oh look who it is did daddy finally kick you out". So I did the unexpected, slapped her, and said no daddy didn't kick me out so mind your damn business. I stood up straight and walked to the office. I collected my things and made my way to my locker. I grabbed my stuff for 1st period which is English. I didn't know where to go so I asked the girl across the hall from me. She showed me where it was and when I opened the door the whole class turned to look at me. I rolled my eyes and started to walk when the teacher asked name and excuse for being late? The name's Camara White and I chased a cheetah cause I wanted a pic with it and then it lead me to this hell hole. Language Ms. White. I thought you taught it, I replied sarcastically. She looked at me like I was crazy or something so I decided to snap my fingers in her face. When I did that she screamed at "GET. OUT"!! I told her that if I get out of class then my bodyguards would be here and that wouldn't be so nice now would it. She shook her head furiously. I'm leaving. See ya.

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