First day

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After I arrived today i started planning pranks to do on everyone. You guessed it right im a born to be prankster. The first night I filled David's pillow with mustard, ketchup, tartar sauce, and honey. The second night I switched Dilan's shaving cream with toothpaste. For tonight I plan on pranking Rylen. I arrived in Texas 3 days ago. Tomorrow is the first day of school for me. I hate school so much. Ever since I moved down here I have bodyguards with me where ever I go for my safety. Since my dad is famous because of who he is the press try to talk to me. My dad is still in New York. I haven't seen him since then but I have talked to him over the phone. I just realized that I need to go to the store for ice cream, chocolate, feminine products, things for tonight's prank and more sweets. I left my room and made my way to elevator stopping on the second floor. I knocked on Rylen's door. He opened a few mins later and asked what I needed. I told him I needed to go to the store. He rd me to get dressed so I went back up to my room to get dressed. I went in my wardrobe and came out with this outfit

I got dressed and went downstairs to the first level of the house

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I got dressed and went downstairs to the first level of the house. I took the elevator cause I stay on the third floor. We got settled in the Lamborghini instead of the BMW. We headed towards the gate and they opened then we hit the road.

At 9 o'clock I was ready for the prank because Rylen was downstairs. I tip toed to his room but Dilan snuck up behind me, picked me up, tossed me over his shoulder, and went to the elevator. As soon as we got to the first level I started screaming and Rylen came running. He asked what was going on so Dilan told him what I was trying to do. I kicked Dilan in the crotch and ran. I ran all the way to the ball pit room with Dilan and Rylen hot on my heels. I ran in and closed and blocked the door behind me. I dove into the foam pit and covered myself with the foam cubes. After 10 mins of struggling with the door it soon opened and in came Dilan and Rylen. They looked around and were about to laugh when I giggled. Huge mistake. As soon as I giggled Rylen searched until he saw me move.

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