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„Oh no, you didn't!"

„Yeah, I did."

I burst out laughing again imagining a little Harry with a car toy in his nose.

„How did it even fit? Jesus..."

„It was kinda an extra miniature car and I guess it was that time when I would put everyfuckingthing in my nose and my mum was going crazy back then."

„I hope you don't do it anymore cause it would be really weird if I walk in on you with something sticking out of your nose."

He shakes his head laughing.

„Nah, you don't have to worry about that."

„Oh thank God." I put my hand on my chest breathing a sigh of relief.

He chuckles looking at me with a smile.

What a charming creature...

I break the eye contact and take a bite of pizza, which we decaded to bring with us a few hours ago. How is that even possible that I feel that good in his presence without knowing him that well? That's not normal.

Hell, of course he's not ordinary. What were you expecting?

„Do you have some plans for tonight? I can drive you home if you want."

„Um, no, I don't have any plans- Oh God, of course. You have plans. You can drop me off now. Of course you have some-" I start rambling, but Harry cuts me off.

„Wait, no, that's not what I meant. You know, I'd love to stay here till late actually. This place looks even better during the night."

„Well... I'd love to see it then." I smile up at him and continue to eat.

„Can I ask you something?" I speak up after a few minutes.

„Shoot." he answers taking a sip of water.

„Was it hard for you? I mean... that fame thing. You know,getting used to that feeling when you can't do something cause people are watching you and you have to think about others thoughts."

His eyes immediately look back at me with a sad expression.

„It's still hard sometimes. Um-  I- " he sighs. „It was terrible when I wanted to do things which other teenagers did and I simply couldn't because of what people would say. It feels like a curse sometimes when I can't live like a normal person. But hey!" he smiles. „I do what I love, right? It's all for music."

„Yeah, right..." I look at my feet and think about what he just said.

It's all for music.

That's it. That's why I'm dealing with all of this and overcome my shyness almost everyday.


„Hey, don't get sad now." He nudges me. „We're here to enjoy the view and be happy, don't kill the mood, love." He smirks.


„All right, all right, sorry." I smile apologetically at him and look away admiring the landscape.

„Do you have some time next weekend?"

Woah, easy there, cowboy.

„Yeah, I guess. Why?" I look at him suspiciously.

„I was wondering if you would like to come to my show, here, in London. You know, backstage and stuff..." he says biting his lip.

Fuck yes I would.

„It would be a pleasure." I grin.

„It's settled then." He smiles back. „But I need one more thing."

„Which is...?" I ask confused.

„Your number." Harry smirks.

„Sure, give me your phone."

We exchange numbers and that's when I notice that it's started to get dark. I look up at the sky to check if stars are visible tonight.

„Oh wow, look at that." I gasp in awe.

„Look at the stars look how they shine for you..."

Holy fucking motherfucker.

„That was- great..." I say amazed. 

Harry looks down looking embarrassed.

Are you blushing, Styles?

„Oh don't you go all shy now." I tease poking his cheek.

He smiles showing me his dimples. 

„All righty Mr. Shy, it's gotten late so-"

„Yeah, come on, let's clean up and I'll drive you home." He says getting up.

We walk back to his car after taking everything we had back there.


He pulls up in front of my building after a while.

„Well..." I speak up. „I had a great time. Thank you."

„It was my pleasure. I look forward to spending some time like this again." he smiles.

„It would be nice." I grin drowning in his eyes.

Get out of the car before it gets weird.

„Well, yeah. I'm gonna go now." I say awkwardly.

„Oh, wait!" he suddenly jumps out of the car.

„What the-" I mumble to myself as Harry rounds the car to open my door.

„Now you can go." He says giving me his hand.

„Thank you." I take his hand stepping out of the car.

He shuts the door and looks at me expectantly.

„Goodnight Harry." I say smiling at him and walking away before I do something stupid.

„Goodnight Lexie." he smirks and looks as I walk into the building.

I come into my apartment and get ready for bed. I think about all day spent with Harry and smile to myself right away. I haven't felt that good in someone's presence for a long time and I don't know if I should worry about that...

Of course not.

Right. I shouldn't.

I get into bed after a shower when my phone lights up with a new message. I unlock the screen and smile like crazy.

Harry: I really had a great time today. I hope you won't forget about my show next week. Well, I will remember about it and I'll make sure you will as well. Sweet dreams, goodnight. Xx

I respond thanking him again for an amazing day and go to sleep with a big smile on my face.

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