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"Okay, I need a drink." I say tugging Eve's arm.

"Let's get to the bar then." she squeals happily.

I let out a relieved sigh feeling tequila going down my throat.
You might find it stupid and weird but alcohol helps me overcome my shyness sometimes and I definitely need it tonight.

"Oh, look! It's Tim, come on, we're gonna have some fun."

"Uh, you mean you'll have some fun with his dick." I say nudging her with my elbow.

She won't admit it but she's had a crush on him for a while now.

"Oh, shut up."

Tim is one of the first people I met walking into the music industry. He was there for me when I doubted myself and encouraged me to try harder. Yep, he's a good man and I would be happy to see him with someone like Eve. Well, I guess I'll have to do something about it sooner or later.

"Woah, hello there! Didn't think I'll see you here." Tim says when I approach him.

"Yeah, I didn't think I'll be here either..." I say hugging him back and that's when I notice a man he's been talking to.

Harry Styles himself.

Oh shit.

I stand there frozen while Tim greets Eve.

"Uh, I bet you know each other but let me introduce. Alex-Harry, Harry-Alex."

"Hi." says a man with his green eyes burning holes in mine and a wide smile on his face.

"Um, yeah, hi." I let out still in my frozen state looking at his beautiful features.

Damn, how is this even possible to look that good?

And then I see his hand which is waiting for mine to shake it.

"Oh shit, sorry. It's so nice to meet you." I say shaking his hand.

"Yeah, you too."

He still stares deep into my eyes that it feels like we're the only ones in this room. It doesn't last long though, due to Tim speaking loudly to catch our attention.

"Okay kids, who wants a drink?" I jump slightly and take my hand away from Harry's large one.

We make our way to the bar and order our drinks. I try not to freak out when Harry sits beside me.

"Um, I really like your music." he whispers in my ear causing goosebumps to rise up on my neck where I feel his hot breath.

Fuck, I'll need more drinks tonight.

"Yeah I heard about that." I say tilting my head to look at his face.

I clear my throat trying to compose what I want to say.

"I-I like yours as well. You're one of my favorite artists actually so, you know, don't screw it up."

"I'll do my best not to." he chuckles.

Damn, those dimples. He looks even better in person.

"Okay, so... Tell me something about yourself. How life treats you after realising your first record?" he asks curiously.

"Well... It's like some kind of a dream, but sometimes it's not that colorful as it looks like."

"Do you regret walking into this world?"

"No, of course not. I've made my dream come true, but sometimes I just feel like I don't belong here, you know?"

"Yeah, I exactly know what you mean..." he says looking down at his lap.

"...but we don't want to overthink and get upset tonight, right?" he looks back to my face with a small smile.

"Yup, tonight we are having fun." I reply smiling and keeping my glass up for him to hit it with his own.

We talk a little more about our favorite music and stuff until my bubble bursts when I hear a high pitched voice behind me.

"Harry! I haven't see you in such a long time! Come over here to us!"

He looks back at me apologetically.


"I'm fine, you can go."

"Well, it was a pleasure to meet you. I hope to see you again soon."

"Same goes to you. Goodbye, Harry." I say with a shy smile.

"Goodbye, Alex." he smiles back at me and walks away straight into some slim girl's arms.

I sigh taking another sip from my glass.

I'm starting college tomorrow and I'm so nervous about this that I decided to write something finally to get my mind off of this. Hope you enjoy, leave some comments and votes!

Lots of love,

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