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Flashing lights, screaming people. I should be used to all of this shit, right?

I might look like I'm comfortable with it already but sometimes it's hard to keep it all inside and deal with the world I'm in.

All in all, I choosed to be right here where I am.

I always wanted to do something which involved music. I had to try really hard to become an artist whose work is appreciated.
After releasing my debut album I didn't know what to expect and how people will react to my music. I forgot about all of my fears when the madness started.
My songs being played on the radio, lots of interviews, meeting new people and my first tour.

Fucking madness.

I wasn't quite sure if I handle with all of this. I didn't want the whole world's eyes on me.

You might find it weird, who wouldn't want to be in my place? But that's it, maybe I'm a weirdo. I'm not good at talking to people, like real deep talking. It's not easy for me to open up to someone and sometimes I just need some space, silence. Just me, myself & I.

That's why i stayed home tonight. The night of Teen Choice Awards. I wasn't in the mood to be all smiley and kind to all of the people there. And now I'm seating in my living room, eating ice cream and watching the event.
I find it quite funny that some celebrities go to places like that just to show themselves and do something to keep people talking about them. I hate that kind of attention.

I always wanted to make music and I felt like it will be enough. Just me and my music.

I was getting up for more food but I stopped in my tracks when I heard my name from the tv.

Here it is, prologue for my first fanfiction ever. I don't even know if someone's gonna read it but whatever. I wanted to try and write something and finally I'm here, ready to start this journey.


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