Chapter One

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I crooned, trying to get the small boy's ever changing attention.
My Son studiously ignored me, tapping away at the screen of my phone, while Finding Nemo playedh on the large flat screen TV for about the fourth time today alone.
I really did not have the energy to drag myself off the couch and get the phone off the cheeky 13 month old Toddler who was looking more and more like his Daddy with every day that went by.
But, I couldn't afford for him to rack up Data on the phone, or even worse, smash the screen or something.
It's already come close to finding itself taking a swimming lesson in the Dogs' water bowl once before.
I placed my hands onto the sofa cushions, preparing to force myself to move.
It wasn't so easy these days.
"Luka bring it to Mummy!"
I urged.
He looked up from my mobile, his blue eyes bright and gave me a toothy grin.
For god sake!
Gritting my teeth, I scooted myself to the edge of the lounge.
Luka's blue eyes widened.
The little bugger knows he's in for it now!
Luka's attention snapped towards the front door and his grin widened even further.
How could he have found something else to be interested in already?
Curious, I too turned my head that way.
Thank god there's a second person to corner the little Monster known as Luka Blayze Riley!
I find it quite hard to chase him around these days!
Luka squealed and hit a run, charging for his favourite person in this world.
My phone clattered onto the floorboards when my Son dropped it, having forgotten about it.
Blayze shut the wooden door against the stifling heat of a typical December, almost January afternoon and he leaned down to scoop our little troublemaker up into his arms.
"Hello mate."
He greeted, his own smile lighting his tired face.
Luka crowed, grinning from ear to ear as he sat propped in Blayze's strong arms.
"Hello champ."
Blayze greeted him, still with a smile, dropping a kiss on his cheek.
He glanced my way and made his way over, Luka along for the ride, propped in his arms.
"How're ya doin'?"
Blayze asked, leaning down to set Luka onto the couch cushions beside me.
The black lounge cushions that were now stained with bits of food and other grub from Luka, that I was now too tired to clean up all the time.
Luka crowed with a grin, twisting to look at me with his eyes sparkling.
My heart melted.
Now that he's on his feet, our Son gives me grief almost all day, being a little Tornado of a thing.
But then, at times like this, he is so damn adorable...
I turned my focus to Blayze, feeling a slightly prickly kiss on my cheek.
"I'm tired."
I sighed, my shoulders slumping.
"And can you please get my phone Luka dropped? I don't have the energy to..."
It was kind of unfair to ask him, considering he'd been out working on the farm since 6AM, but I literally didn't have the energy to lift myself off my seat.
Blayze nodded and dodged the coffee table to retrieve my phone that was on the floor on the other side of the room.
"How are you?"
I asked as he made his way back over, remembering back to a conversation we'd had a long time ago about checking in with each other.
"In need of a shower."
He declared, holding the phone out to me.
"If you can hold off for me to do that, I can take over with Luka and you can have a nap if ya want."
I rolled my eyes.
A nap was definitely wanted, but it never happened anymore.
I placed my hands over my insanely big belly.
If I'd thought I was big when pregnant with Luka...
"These two don't let me sleep, you know that."
I told him with an almost smile.
He offered me an almost grimace like smile in return.
"Well I'll at the very least take over running around after the Rugrat and you can rest."
I shook my head.
"You've been working all day, as if you've got the energy."
Luka Blayze Riley is one heck of a Tornado.
Our house is always messy and even Zuke has to hide in order to get a nap unless Luka is asleep.
"It's fine."
He leaned down to give me a kiss before he headed for the shower.
Luka scrambled to get off the lounge and chase after Blayze.
I sighed.
"He's having a shower honey."
Once on the floor, Luka headed down the lounge, trying to find his way out.
"Oh, before I forget!"
Blayze's footsteps sounded as he came back towards the open section of the house.
Luka practically ran on the spot, clapping his hands in complete delight over his Daddy's return.
"What's up?"
I queried, doing my best to twist around to look over the back of the lounge.
"The mail arrived."
Blayze declared, pausing by the high shelf in the kitchen to grab something off it.
As he walked towards the back of the couch, I realised he was holding a small pile of envelopes.
I sighed, lifting a hand to take the letters from him.
"You can tell me how bad the electricity and what not are."
He told me and headed for the hallway again.
I frowned at the mail.
Why would we get bills sent out between Christmas and New Years?
Luka chased Blayze into the hallway.
"I'll be out after my shower mate."
I heard Blayze's slightly muffled voice reply.
With Luka a little distracted, I began to scan the envelopes.
One that definitely didn't seem professional, which was addressed to me.
Another that was addressed to me, which had a stamp with AVT printed on it.
Curios, I set those two aside.
The next envelope was addressed to Mr. B. Riley.
Well, it didn't take a genius to work out who that was for.
I set that one into a seperate pile, guessing from the stamp envelope that it was for car rego.
Another one identical to that one.
Excellent, both our car's were due for registration soon.
With a sigh, I set that envelope onto Blayze's pile too, considering the letter was addressed to him because my car was technically still in his name.
He's over twenty five, So gets offered better deals on insurance than I do, so we'd kept the Ute in his name so we could cut back on costs where possible.
The next envelope had a stamp on it that read Currency Creek Hospital
Biting into my lower lip, I shot a weary glance towards the hallway.
I could hear the water running, so I turned my gaze back into the envelope and slid my thumb under the flap to open the seal.
Letter's from the Hospital weren't exactly unusual, considering Luka's immunisations and my checkups regarding the twins.
But in my last scan...
My traitorous heart began to beat faster inside my chest as I pulled the piece of folded up paper out of the envelope.
As I scanned the printed words on the bright white paper, my heart plummeted down into my stomach somewhere.
The Hospital had made me an appointment with a skin specialist for Tuesday, the fourth of January.
This coming Tuesday.
A chill seemed to shoot down my spine and I lifted a hand to touch behind my shoulder without even really realising I was doing it.
In my last checkup of the twins, Doctor Legend had noticed a spot on my shoulder.
He wouldn't tell me anything, but insisted I needed to meet with one of the skin specialists.
Thankfully Blayze wasn't at that checkup, because we didn't need the both of us worrying.
Shooting a cautionary glance towards the hallway, I could thankfully still hear the water running in the shower.
With my heart beating at basically twice it's usual pace, I shuffled my way off the couch and took the letter and the envelope down the hall to our bedroom to stuff it into my handbag, A.K.A The Black Hole.
God I wish Doctor Legend would just tell me why he was rushing me into an appointment with skin specialists!
I groaned, finding the small boy in Blayze and I's bedroom.
He'd found his way into the shoe box once again and had pulled out god knows how many pairs of boots and shoes.
He dropped another boot to the carpet covered floor, which looked like one of Blayze's shoes, his blue eyes widening when he saw me.
Biting my lip in an effort to not snap at him, I stuffed the Doctor's letter into my handbag, hung the carrier back onto the back of the door and crossed over to put the shoes back into their home.
One thing kept swirling in my mind.
Doctor Legend must be worried if he couldn't or wouldn't tell me anything and was referring me on to a specialist.
Calm your shit Bailey.
I mentally berated myself.
There's no point worrying until you have answers.

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