Chapter Eight

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What is this? Another update already?(; You guys have yourselves to thank for this one. I've been getting so much support lately that my motivation has magically gone up. What a coincidence. Anyways, this is really just a filler chapter to tie up a few loose ends from last chapter and set some things up for the next one, so hopefully you enjoy, and I can update soon for you guys(: I'm trying to build the suspense a little more with this story, so just bear with me if things seem a little slow.


            Blue and red lights flashed in the darkness of the night as the paramedics examined me. I insisted that I was fine, that I just wanted to give my statement to the police and leave, but apparently, it was routine and had to be done. I pulled the blanket they had given me tighter around my shoulders and stared at the woman’s finger as instructed while she checked my eyes with a flashlight. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Cole talking to the police. I wanted nothing more than for him to be holding me in that moment.

            “Alright, sweetie, you seem to be in perfect physical health. Are you sure you feel okay, though? I know it can be very traumatizing to be so close to something like that,” The paramedic said with a voice full of pity and concern. I had heard enough of that in my lifetime.

            I tore my eyes away from Cole and focused on her. “I’m fine, thanks,” I deadpanned.

            Looking slightly uncomfortable, she put the flashlight back in her bag and zipped it up. “Alright, then, you’re free to go. Just make sure you give your statement to the police before you leave.”

            I let the blanket slip from my shoulders as I stood, making sure it didn’t hit the ground before I headed over to an officer who was scribbling something down on a notepad. He glanced up at the sound of my approach and pushed his hat back on his head.

            “Hello, young lady, are you ready to give your statement?” He asked.        

            I nodded and waited until he gave me the okay to tell my version of the story. I started from the very beginning of the hayride, and ended when the lights flickered back on and I saw the dead body at my feet. The officer didn’t look up at me once while I talked. He simply kept his head bent over the notepad, scribbling away with his pen.

            “Is that all?” he finally asked after I stopped talking, peeking up at me through stubby black lashes.

            I nodded and stole a glance at Cole who was being examined by the same paramedic who checked me out. All in the routine, they say.

            “You can go home, then, but I do advise you to keep the details of what you saw on the down low. We don’t have much crime in this town, and I just know the press is going to turn the whole thing into a three ring circus.”

            “No problem,” I responded distractedly. I could only focus on one thing, and that was getting back to my dorm room and getting out of my burlesque costume. My feet were killing me after being in heels for so long.

            “Alright, miss, have a good night. If you need anything at all, give the precinct a call, okay?”

            With another nod, he finally released me to go get Cole. Luckily, the paramedic finished with him at the same time I stepped up to the ambulance.

            “You gonna be okay, Cass?” he asked, standing up and pulling me into his warm embrace. I made a small noise of affirmation as I let the smell of cinnamon rolling off of him surround me in comfort. “Let’s get you back to campus, then. I’m sure Cortnee is worried sick by now. Did you guys drive over or walk?”

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