Chapter 1: the Grand Magic Games

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(Seven years later)

You just woke up from seven years sleep on Tenro island

You have and exceed you befriended from Edolis

Her name is Ace, and she was a really dark grey with a white Dimond shape on her right cheek, but the problem is that she can't talk, she was mute, but she would hang out with panther lily a lot.

You were walking through the market browsing through all the stuff that was selling

suddenly ace started flying faster in a direction away from you.

" Hey ace, come back, where ya going, are you messing with me," you say chasing her

Then *Bang* and you fell on the floor landing on your butt

"Hey watch whe-" the person said turning, You stood up and bowed

" I'm so sorry, please forgive me"you apologised

You looked up to see a blonde boy wearing a blue short vest and another boy wearing a black cloak.

You saw the blonde blush a little

"please pardon my clumsiness, I'm (Y/N) whats yours" you introduced

"Hey I'm lector, this is frosh" lector said

"hi" frosh greeted, waving

"h-hello" you responded

"this is my best friend sting, and the guy in black is rouge" lector finished

"Hey," Sting and Rogue said

" Well it's nice to meet you all, I'm sorry I need to go, hope I see you guys again," you said while running

You finally found ace, and she explained that she was chasing a butterfly, she explained it on a notepad

(Time skip)

You arrived at the guild hall, and everyone explained the Grand Magic Games

You went to train at a waterfall and the others trained at a beach

You arrived at the waterfall

You decided to dedicate one month for strength and attack, another month to focus and enhance magic and the last month to learning strategy and learning more dragon slayer magic because Melodia left a book of sound dragon slayer magic.

(Time skip)

It has been three months, and you are ready for the grand magic games

And you became friends with sting and rouge

you never noticed their guild embalm and they never noticed yours, all of you never brought up that you were all wizards

Droy and Jet said that the everyone travelled to the celestial world to train

You were at the guild then you could sense Natsu and the others

You ran to the outside with everyone else

You ran to Natsu and hugged him

" Natsu I missed you," you said

"Hey hows it been, how hard have you trained" he replied curiously

" Well I've doubled my magic power, learned more strategy and I've learned of the spells in the book Melidia left me" you answered

"What the hell, you must be way stronger now," he said shocked

"Yep" you bragged

Then the master called everyone to go in the guild hall

" We will know to pick the people who will participate, Grey, Erza, Natsu and......................Lucy and Wendy" the master said

"Awwww, I wanted to participate" you complained disappointed

"Next year," the master said

" Ok ............ I trained so hard" you said feeling down

(Time skip)

You arrived at crocus

You decided to explore then crocus with Natsu and Lucy

After a whole day of exploring

"It's really amazing, how many flowers there are," said Lucy

"Well they have a reason to can it the flower blooming city," happily says

" A fight" everyone hears a man say

"Ah, I guess fights are apart of the festival," says Natsu glad

"Yes, I'm soo board," you say glad

You both ran to the people

" Smell that, " he asked

" Yeah, it smells like a dragon" you replied

You both ran faster to the crowd

Then you pushed through the crowd

But then you realised that the smell was familiar, Then you stopped, But Natsu kept going

" Anybody else wants some"sting threatens

"Man these guys are weak and losers," says, lector

" Yeah their big-time losers," Frosh says

Then Natsu crawled his way to the front

" Well, look here," said Sting

"Is that Natsu Dragneel" rouge questioned

Then you made your way to the front

You heard then talking to each other

But you just stood in the sideline

Then you heard then talk about how they were third generation dragon slayer

You walked to Natsu

" Is that true, are you third generation dragon slayers?" you asked smirking

"(Y-Y/N), what are you doing her" sting asked

"I'm here to support my brother in the grand magic games," you said as you helped Natsu up from the floor

"Wait, who's your brother" sting asked

"You're looking at him, she's a member of fairy tail," Natsu says as you showed your emblem

"Wait a-are you the melody" rouge asked

"Yes, I am (Y/N) (L/N), sound dragon slayer or known as the melody" you answered

"You know them," Natsu asked

"Yeah, they're my friends I met them in the three months you were training" you answered

Then they explained more stuff

Sting, lector, rouge and frosh never acted like, and you never realised their emblems

You saw sting just staring at you, you blushed and looked the others, and Natsu was glaring at Sting

You couldn't take it anymore you walked away

"Hey where ya going,"Natsu asked

" To the inn"you replied

you arrived at the inn and saw Erza board out of her mind

You went straight to bed, sad and depressed of the situation

Because time flies you woke up to the 12 alarm

You walked to the balcony where everyone else was

You heard the announcement, then the inn started moving

You started to freak out, then a path appeared from the inn

Before you knew what was happening, you fell asleep on the balcony.

But ace picked you and flew you on to the bed

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