Creepy Factory

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There once was a 11 year old boy named Sam. He is a good and bright son of a rich Filipino family.

One day, Sam and his family were visiting their relatives whose house was located at the foot of a mountain in Batangas, one of the provinces in Philippine Region 4A. The whole family spend hours, talking and bonding the whole day.

One night, it was almost dark in the roads when the family headed home. While walking down the road, the family passed by a factory where Sam saw a white lady floating above the building. He quickly told his uncle about what he saw.

"Uncle, I saw a white lady, floating above the building! Sam pointed at the above of the building.

"If you saw a white lady, just ignore it," Sam's uncle advised. "I worked as a helper in the factory and there were more than five ghosts haunting the place. Those spirits sometimes would make sounds like a motorcycle starting or a ball bouncing from the ground. I heard that the factory was built on a site where Spanish and Japanese soldiers were buried during World War II."

Sam becomes scared and never come back near to the factory ever again.

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