A Miracle from Heaven

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There once was an 12 year old girl named Louise. She's a nice, a sociable, and a good girl. Her religion is Roman Catholicism.

One night, Louise was about to sleep when she raised her head and saw a black hooded figure with a black scythe. As she blinked her eyes, the black hooded figure with a black scythe was gone.

The next day, Carrie, Louise's friend, saw another figure at their window, but this time it wasn't black, it was a unidentified white figure. They had no idea what it was, so they continue their chat.

A few days later, Louise's mom was rushed to the hospital and needed an operation. She told her guardian about the figures that she and her friend saw.

"My friend and I saw two figures, one was white and the other was black. Those two figures that we saw were remained unidentified. Can you identify what they were?" Louise asked her guardian.

"The black figure that you saw was Death, who had come to take your mom and the white figure that you saw was an angel, who had come to save your mom from Death," Louise's guardian explained the two figures that Louise saw the past few days.

Then one day, Louise's mother's operation was successful and she returned home safe and sound.

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