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unknown; baby girl

caiden; please stop texting me

unknown; i can't baby

caiden; why not. just leave me alone please

unknown; it's my job babe i can't leave you alone

caiden; what's your job??? huh being a pedophile???

unknown; watch your mouth sweetheart

caiden; no i'm calling the police

unknown; do that baby on you go

caiden; i will

unknown; i have your dad baby i could kill him you know

caiden; my dad left us!

unknown; or did he get kidnapped?

caiden; you wouldn't kill him anyway

unknown; oh but baby i would. call the police and i will personally deliver his head to your front door

caiden; ok ok i won't but please don't hurt anyone

unknown; only if you co-operate

caiden; i have to go my boyfriends coming over

unknown; oh i already know baby

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