Chapter 4 (Damian's POV)

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I wake up to a loud noise and it's in my head.

It's my beta he better have a good reason for waking me up.

Jake my wolf was going crazy.

'Alpha an intruder just killed one of ours' my beta (Chris) said.

'Bring him here to me we shall deal with him my way' I say.

I pull on my grey shirt and a pair of blue jeans.

When I get to my office I sit down and relax.

'Alpha we're here' my beta said.

'In coming out now' I say back.

I get there and something smells like roses and the forest.
The smell is amazing. Like a drug.

I look up and it's a girl the one who killed one of my own.

I'm mad how could the moon goddess do this to me.

My mate is actually smirking. Yeah you heard me right she's smirking.

I have to reject her I'm with Crystal.

"Who are you and why did you kill Fred" I ask in my Alpha voice hoping to get through to her.

"I don't answer to anyone but my alpha", she said. I don't take anyone disobeying me in my pack or anywhere.

I walked up to her and slammed her against the wall.

She pushes her luck.

"Aww my little mate has a bite. Now that's not how you treat a girl", she says smirking. Wow she's hot when she smirks. Wait no I will not think like that.

"I alpha Damian reject you as my mate", I said with the coldest look I could throw at her.

"Would you like me to accept your offer?" She asks.

"Say you accept", I pushed her  further into the wall. I was determind to make her accept my rejection. She had the audacity to laugh in my face.

"Aww come on where's the fun in that. I reject your rejection, babe", she says.

I let her go, because I had a better punishment. I mind-linked Crystal and told her to come here.

"You are now an omega and you shall be treated as one. You will come to my soon to be Luna every day and listen to her", I said smirking.

Crystal came in smiling, "You called babe?"

"I have a new omega for you my dear sweet Crystal" I says even when Jake is whimpering for our mate.

She shake with laughter.

They look at her. I think this chick is crazy.

"What are you laughing at?" She screeched.

"Oh it's just Blaze called you worse than my last packs tramp", she says.

'Who is Blaze that must be her wolf yay!!' He jumps up and down.
Crystal looks at her as if she had just smacked her. Which only made her laugh harder.

She came up to her and lifted her hand to smack her. The wolf took her hand and broke it with one twist. Why does that turn me on?

"Never touch me you tramp", she whispered in Crystal's ear.

Jake is basically cursing me out now.

'How could you let someone even think about touching our mate' Jake growls at me.

She walks out of the room.

                   Next day
The wolf is named Aqua.
I learned that from my sister while she was screaming at me for trying to reject my mate.

"How could you say that you have no idea what she has been through uhhh! Your such a stubborn mule" she says.

I roll my eyes. "Oh and you do oh mighty one?" I say with venom and bow.

I leave I can't take it anymore I go and see her sleeping. How did she find her room without any help?

Who cares I watch her for an hour or six then leave because Crystal is calling me.

Before I leave Jake takes over and kisses her on her forehead.

'What was that?'

' I kissed our mate something you should have done when you first saw her'


I cut him off and walked over to Crystal.

"Baby thanks for the new omega my other one is slacking on her chores", she said with a frown.

"Only the best for you baby", I said back.

She kisses me and we go to my room and I fall asleep.

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