Chapter 1 Alpha Alec's POV

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"Daddy!!" I ran to the front door with my nose turned up. I could smell him. He opened the door. "Sweetheart you know you can't be in hear we're having a meeting", my daddy said. I gave him my best head tilt and a small pout, " pwease daddy I can help". He caved like I knew he would, "Fine just don't tell your mother". He picked me up and put me on his lap.

I looked around the room there were a lot of people I didn't know, but my big brother was there and I'm not shy so I don't care. "Hi, my name is Alec what's yours", I say waving my hand. He took my hand and shook it then said his name was Carl. "Can I help you with the Alpha business pwease" I asked very politely. He smiled I liked Carl he was nice,"Yes you can help". I smiled.

"There was a rouge in our south side boarder we captured him and he wishes to speak with you alpha" a man with a huge mustache said I wanted to pet his mustache it was so poofy. I laughed. "Bring him in", daddy said in his Alpha voice.

A boy that looked like he had not eaten in a while stumbled in.

"Alpha Chase, I came to warn you that my pack is planning an attack on you" he said shaking. "Why would you betray your pack?" Daddy was talking in his Alpha voice. "I can't take any more beatings I'm an omega and I have to protect my family. Will you spare them as a favor for bringing you this news please" the poor boy was begging. Daddy looked like he was going to say no, so I got up and walked over to the boy who looked about my age. "Alec, get back here", my daddy said in his Alpha voice so did Derek, but I wasn't listening. I ignored them.

"What's your name?", I asked very soft and gently. "Brian, what's yours?" He asked still shaking. "My name is Alec", I answered. I leaned in and whispered, "I won't let them hurt you. You're going to be ok". He stopped shaking.

I took his hand in mine and walked up to daddy. "He is telling the truth Blaze says so and Blaze never lies. This man shall become one of ours along with his family" I said.

I turned back to Brian and asked, "You have a one year old brother, right?" He looked shocked. "Yes, his name is Thomas, how did you know?" he said. I turned him and simply said,"Blaze told me".

I turned back to daddy. "If he is lying you could get hurt baby girl", daddy said. "Blaze would never lie daddy".

"Who is Blaze?" Carl asked. People usually don't get their wolves until they are sixteen I got mine at three. "Blaze is my werewolf", i replied. "No one has ever gotten their werewolf until they turn sixteen how did you get yours so early?" I shrugged," Blaze said it was cause I'm special, but she's says that all the time". 

  I turn to Brian "We're going to be great friends", he smiled at my words.

That was the first act as pre alpha. My dad was proud.

  Flashback (sorry but you should probably know this information)

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