Chapter 8 (Derek POV)

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I miss my Alec it's been hard without her our rightful alpha. Brian comes in,"We have to go, we will be back soon come on".

I get ready we will be staying there for two days.

I get Bailey and we head to the red moon pack house.

When we get there they open the doors and we walk in.

Bailey tugs at my jeans with her thumb in her mouth. "Up up", she says taking her thumb out of her mouth.

I pick her up and we walk inside.

We see the alpha,"Hello my name is Damian and I'm the red moon's alpha", he says smiling.

Bailey takes her thumb out of her mouth. She hasn't talked much since Alec left.

She said,"We know who you are we're here because of you", I smiled. She had a mouth on her just like Alec.

I smelled something that Alec used to make.

Just then Bailey yelled, "SPACETTI", Brian and I laughed at her. "It smells like Alec's".

I smelt it again it really did smell like her recipe.

"Is Alec here", Bailey asked smiling.

"I'm sorry I'm afraid not".

Bailey's face fell.

"Well shall we eat?" He asked.

We all sat down Damian at the end. I sat by Bailey and Brian sat across from Bailey. Another woman sat by Brian for some odd reason.

"Can we discuss the alliance", Damian asked.

Bailey beat me to it,"Why should we ally with your pack
You must have a weason?" She puffed out her chest and turned her nose up.

He looked at me I shrugged.

"Well I'm sorry I don't know your name",He said.

"Its Bailey and that's Brian our gamma", an she pointed to Brain.

"Well Bailey, I know for a fact that if we ally we will both be ten times stronger", he said.

"Alec would never agree to this their pack is weak", Brian whispered.

I got up and banged the table.

"I KNOW THAT I'M TRYING. I miss Alec just as much as you, but I don't know what to do", I yelled.

Just then a girl that looked firmilular walked in and dropped her plate when she saw me.

Wait that's Alec.

The girl sitting by Brian yelled,"You klutz know you have to clean up the floor!!"

Bailey stepped up on the table and yelled,"You shut up no one talks to our alpha or my sister like that".

Alec ran over to me and hugged me. "I'm so sorry", she whispered.

Bailey and Brian got up and hugged her too.

"What do you mean your alpha she's our omega", the girl screeched.

"My name is Alec and I am alpha of The Blue crescent moon pack", she said and held her head high.

Damian looked at me with a pained expression.

Bailey has grown so much and I can see the way Brian looks at Bailey. They're mates. I smile at him.
Hi my loves
Brian and Bailey are mates!!

Will Alec really take back her title and return or stay with her mate?

Find out next time. Bye

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