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It was about 5 days before I saw the man again. He walked up to me at the counter and set down the three books from before. I scanned them and added them to the cart as usual.

"I realized that I never got your name," he said. I looked up at him. "I come here all the time but I don't even know who you are."

I smiled at him before saying, "Grace."

"Grace." My name left his lips perfectly. I always liked how it sounded in an American accent. "I'm Spencer."

"It's nice to meet you, Spencer."

"So, where in England are you from? I'm thinking it's one of the Southern cities but I'm not sure." I cocked my brow.

"Southern is right. Bristol to be exact." I was slightly amazed. He smiled a little and looked down. "How could you pinpoint it?"

"Well, an accent from England is pretty easy to pick out. In Bristol, they mostly speak with a West Country accent, but you tend to speak with what sounds like Received Pronunciation. On some words though, that western peeks out. It makes sense since the RP accent is present all throughout England." I just stared at him for a moment. How did he know all of this? "Sorry. I've taken dialect courses and read a lot of books on the matter."

"I can tell."

The rest of the day was normal. Spencer checked out his books and he left. I waited at the counter for somebody to show up. After almost two hours of doing nothing, I decided to find something to read. What else was I going to do in a library?

When my shift finally ended, it was dark outside. It was early October so the days were getting shorter. I slipped on my coat and was about to walk out when I heard my name. I turned to face my boss, Atticus.

"Are you heading out, Grace?" he asked. I simply nodded. He looked down for a second and ran a hand through his hair. He was nervous. "Oh okay. Have a nice night then. I'll see you tomorrow."

"Is there something you needed to tell me?"

"No." I could tell that he was lying. I just frowned at him. "Okay, yes. But its not important! It can just wait until tomorrow. Have a good night."

I watched him walk away. He looked back at me over his shoulder. I tired not to let myself worry about what he needed to say. I just had to get home.

I kept my lanyard of keys around my neck. I clutched my bag tightly around my body. Downtown was usually a pretty safe area, but you never know what could happen.

The entire walk home I just tried to focus on any non-scary thought. I thought about the book I read today. I thought about the tea I was gonna make once I get home. I thought about Spencer.

It was nice to place a name to the face. And Spencer was a nice name for his nice face. He was a nice guy as well. Kind of shy, but I was used to it since I was too. I wondered what kind of doctor he was. I was also still completely taken back by how much general knowledge he had on the most minute things.

I got to my apartment safely and let out a sigh of relief. I let myself in and closed the door behind me. I started the kettle right away. I put my bag down and started my nightly routine. I fed my fish, watered my plants, changed out of my work clothes, and put my hair up. Just as I finished with my ponytail, the kettle whistled in the other room. I took out my favorite mug and poured the hot water in.

I settled in front of my tv and put on my favorite show, Doctor Who. BBC America was having some marathon. It was nice to rewatch some of my favorite episodes. It meant I didn't have to focus on an all-new plot. Plus, it was always good to get to see David Tennant.

Doctor Who always reminded me of home. I moved to America for college. I had big dreams of studying psychology and starting my own practice. I did graduate, but the rest of it just never happened. I got a job at the library and fell in love with that. A part of me wishes I had continued to get my doctorate and opened my own place. But the other part loves what I do. I love that library with all of my heart.


The next morning was Sunday. Sunday's were the only days I got to sleep in. On Sundays, I had a later shift. I didn't have to be at work until noon.

When I woke up at 10, I let out a sigh. I snuggled deeper into my pillow in hopes of getting a few more minutes of rest. But I knew better. I knew that once I was awake, I wouldn't be able to fall back asleep.

I finally dragged myself out of bed and did something. I had some eggs for breakfast with a glass of orange juice. I rinsed my dishes before going to take a shower. By the time I was dressed; it was time for me to head out. I gave my fish a pinch of food on my way out the door.

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