The Forgotten Princess

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This is short. I didn't want to reveal too much in this. 

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                What would you do if your whole life had been a lie? How would you react if you realised that you didn’t even know who you really were? How would you react if the world you had known crumbled in front of your eyes in a split second? What? It would never happen to you. Well, that is what I thought. You never know how much life can change. You never know if you have been living a lie.

                I am sixteen years old. My name is Anna Rose. Well, that is what I always thought it was. I had lived a normal life in the middle of England. I was happy and content. I was just a normal girl trying to pass school and achieve her dreams. That was all I ever thought of. That was all I was ever told and all I ever considered. I never expected a world beyond this. I never once expected to be a part of that world. I had been growing up on a lie. I had been living a lie.

                The one person closest to me lied to me for my own protection but I can’t help but feel resentment. Things could have been so much different had I have known who I was. Lives could have been saved had I known. I could have done something but I didn’t. I was already a failure in this messed up life.

                As it turns out, the world wasn’t as I always saw it. I was dragged kicking and screaming into the supernatural world where I was soon brought to the terrifying reality of my life and my heritage. How was I supposed to adapt to this? How can you pick yourself up after all of this?

                How does something like this change you when you realise that you never even knew yourself? Everything changed. Life crumbled. Aspects got better but the burden on my shoulders only grew. If I only I had known what to do, maybe things could have gone differently. 

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