I smell her scent when she passed by beside me. I look at her, she is so beautiful, sexy and..

MATE!! My wolf howl inside my head..

I know.. I told him to calm down..

'Mate with her!! PLEASE!! FASTER!!'

I control my wolf.. He wants to MATE with HER..

I wonder if she already notice my scent or what.. Maybe she knows..

She look at my direction and our eyes met at lock to each other gaze..

'Mate' her lips form this word.. I smile at her but she smirks..

What the hell.. then she walks away..

She look at my direction again and suddenly.....She winks at me..

" Let's have a game mate!" she said and started to walk away while swaying her hips... My wolf whimp in return and then lust can be visible in my eyes..

What a tease MATE I have..

Author's Note

This is my second story!! Enjoy!!


Book 2: His Teasing Mate (Completed)Basahin ang storyang ito ng LIBRE!