Stuck Together (NaLu) by pandanalusan
Stuck Together (NaLu)by no more updates! :)
The real matchmakers are Happy and Plue. One day, Happy and Plue were reading when they saw a book where you get the magical string that can bind two people together for...
  • happy
  • love
  • magical
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FtM Trans Help by hyojongloves
FtM Trans Helpby dawni
Where I, Ian, help you out with your worries that come with transitioning! Yes, I am new at this, too, but I feel like I have a few things that can possibly help!! ~...
  • packing
  • dysphoria
  • transguys
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transgender issues by _suicidesnake
transgender issuesby your guidance counselor
... read the title... . ... trans boy problems
  • jack
  • nope
  • ornot
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Binding Blood [BNHA Sister AU] by 3ccentricAuthor
Binding Blood [BNHA Sister AU]by Eccentric Author
Michiko Kasumi Midoriya is a girl who wasn't supposed to exist. Her father abandoning her and her mother shortly after she was born, Michiko then realized her intentions...
  • alternateuniverse
  • bnha
  • myheroacademia
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Binding Fate (An Akatsuki No Yona fanfic) by Mushryum
Binding Fate (An Akatsuki No Dork Lord
Aron, a traveler well acquainted with the royal family, has acted as an informant to them for years. Wandering around the lands, listening to the people, writing down im...
  • wanderer
  • aron
  • binding
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Sam's Surprise by RylTheRogue
Sam's Surpriseby RylTheRogue
Sam, a single working gal, finds a strange box outside her apartment one day.
  • livingsuit
  • transformation
  • livinglatex
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The Binding of Isaac: Isaac's Story by ethan_luke
The Binding of Isaac: Isaac's Storyby ethan_luke
The story of The Binding of Isaac through Isaac's eyes.
  • binding
  • bindingofisaac
  • isaac
The Ultimate Spell Book by AvienTheArchdemon
The Ultimate Spell Bookby Avien
A large collection of spells
  • fertility
  • spell
  • blessing
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owo style cherry fic by 1ReadingRainbow1
owo style cherry ficby I'm not okay (I promise)
Hahahaha fuck you too I guess
  • owo
  • danxphil
  • danhowell
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