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I walked into the music room after winning the talent show. Many were shocked seeing how Vashanti had entered but didnt make it.

A smile came to my lips as I remembered the judges shock.

So of course I knew I would win.

I froze when I realised the door was open.

I knew for a fact that it was closed when I left, I also had my girls check on it.

So why was it open?

I stepped into the room cautiously,I saw the blindfold and ropes on the floor. The room was completely empty!

I stomped my foot, my hand went up to my neck where the key was and it wasnt there!

Stacy might have pulled if off when we where fighting, but I was too busy making sure she didnt mess up my hair.

Wait where is Zach?

He was suppose to watch her!h

I turned on my heel and made my way to the parking lot where my car was.

I am going to hurt him!


"Zach!" I yelled banging the door

The door swung open revealing a shirtless Zach

"What Nala?" He answered annoyed

I stepped into his house,I dont know why but something seemed off.

"Have you been here the whole time?"

"No I havent,Vashanti is still tied up"

I raised an eyebrow "Really?"

"Yes really,now leave"

I turned and faced him "What are you hiding Zach?"

He didnt reply,I turned my heel and ran up the stairs to his room. Zach was yelling from behind me,I turned the knob and entered his room.


"Nah its not like that!" He denied


His face went pale and he went silent, I gave the girl a look and she got dressed. When she left, Zach and I needed a story and a plan.

Its about to go down.


The next day at school was crazy, many people were upset with me because I didnt show up at the talent show. Even after I had been found, I was in no condition to go and ruin Nala.

But I will today

We made our way to the cafe and sat down at our usual spot. Then Nala and her girls showed up, it seems they were one girl short but whatever.

"Awe, poor lil deaf dummy didnt perfom last night?" She taunted

"Back up Nala"

It seemed like deja vu all over, but this time I have a backbone.

"Girl you are pathetic! You-"

"Shut up Nala! Matter of a fact I can take your win from the talent show!"

"Right here right now!"

I smirked "You first"

She rolled her eyes and made her way to the stage,everyone figured out what was going on and started to get hype. Some even pulled out their phones.

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