chapter 2

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We got back to the  mothers who were laughing their heads off.

"So Hinata what did she say?" Her mother said trying to hold back her laughter.

"She said he was f-fine."

"Anything else she said?"

Gave Hinata the signs not to say anything but she did.

"She said that he would tell me what was wrong with him when we're older."

Why would she say that!

"And what did Naruto say?" My mother asked with an evil grin.

"He said ya."

"It's not funny ya know!"

"Ya Ya you're right....ptfff." both moms started to laugh.

"Hey are you going to be late for your meeting?" Hinata asked.

"Oh right!" Mom said

Then they started whispering to each other.

"Ok Naruto and Hinata how bout you go back to the Uchiha compound and play."

"Sure!"  Hinata said.

"Then what was the whole point of coming here!" I shouted.

"Oi don't be a brat, you got something good out of it , you met Hinata." Mom said lightly chopping me head.

I turned to the side blushing and looking down .

"I guess I did." I mumbled.

"Ok you two go ahead."

"Ok bye!" We shouted walking to the door.


"I bet 2000 yen that he's going to confess his love first!" I said

"I bet 3000!"



"It's been awhile since I been here!" Hinata said clapping her hands together.

"What do you mean?"

"I come here to play with Sasuke-chan now and then."

"You don't have to call chan, he's only 4 and a half."

"I know but saying Sasuke - chan is so cute!"


"Hey Naruto!"

Shock by her break the silence I jump blushing.

"Yeah w-what is it!"

"We're friends right?"


"Then let's tell each other about ourselves!"


We go into the kitchen and sit down

"Hinata Hygua , 6 about to be 7 hobbies are planting and pressing flowers, favorite foods are bean soup and cinnamon rolls, my least favorite foods are crab and shrimp what I like my friends family and playing what I dislikes is Mito Uzumaki - Namikaze and mean people."

"You hate Mito?"

"Oh you must like her and look up to her like everyone else in the village, Sorry!"

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