Chapter 1

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I've just finished watching the Flash and Season 3... OKAY. 


The last thing that Barry seemed to remember was the fact that he had just finished with a building fire and was about to go back to Star Labs to pack up for the day when something-hard-smacked him in the face, effectively making him drop to the ground. Cisco's muffled and alerted voice echoed as he lost consciousness. 


When he woke, he saw a person dressed as a doctor. They held a scalpel in their hand, with blue gloves and everything. Barry immediately started to freak, and noticed that he was strapped to a iron table. He tried to get out of the restraints, but found that he was unable. He tried to phase but to no avail. He noticed he was pretty much naked other then the shorts attached to his waist. 

The man started to cut at Barry's stomach, watching how the cuts healed. Somehow Barry could tell that the man was smirking under his mask. 

Oh god, Barry thought. This is going to be painful. 



"I told you, Joe, I can't!" Cisco yelled right back at the angry man. Iris looked between them, her brows furrowed with worry. Caitlin was quiet, typing on the computer silently. Julian was next to her, pretending not to hear the commotion going on behind them. 

"You can't, or you won't?" Joe asked, venom laced in his voice. 

"Wally's on Earth 3, there's no way to accurately get to Earth 2!" Cisco hissed back. Joe shook his head and paced around. They were trying to find a way to get Harry back so they could have his insight on the matter. However, there was no way to travel to Earth 2 safely without Wally. 

"Can't you vibe?" Joe questioned. Cisco opened his mouth and then closed it. 

"Yes, yes I can do that." Cisco walked off to go get what he needed. Joe turned to Caitlin, 

"While we're gone, could you get a hold of Felicity and see if she has any ideas?" Caitlin nodded and turned back to her computer. Joe nodded to her and walked out, following Cisco. 

Caitlin started to call Felicity, and she picked up on the second ring. 

"Caitlin! What can I-er-Team Arrow do for you?" Felicity sounded eager for another Team Flash Team Arrow team-up. 

"Actually, I don't think that you have to come down here for this one. You see, Barry's gone missing. We don't know what's happening to him or if anything's happening to him. If you could help out that'd be the best."

"I'll see what I can do." 




"No, we can't track him! He went off the grid it seems," Harry gritted out. Joe sighed. 

"Here, how about we-," 

"Everyone shut up!" Caitlin screamed. When everyone silenced, the faint ring of Caitlin's phone was the only thing breaking the silence. 

"Felicity! Yes? Did you find anything?" Caitlin sounded extremely hopeful. 

"Yes, I've found his location. It took a while, I had to go through all the video footage on the streets, but I've found him!" Felicity rattled off his location as Caitlin scribbled it down. 

"Oliver and Diggle and I will be there shortly. We're going to get him back." 


Stay calm... Stay calm... 

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