Chapter One - Prom

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June 24th 2014. Prom.

I’d waited all year for this evening to come, picking out the right dress, who to go with and how to get there. Having finally decided on a beautiful peach and cream dress and having my hair curly and half up, half down I was finally ready.

My phone vibrated indicating that the taxi of my three best friends had arrived outside and that it was time for me to leave. I put my phone, keys and some money into my cute clutch bag and took one last look in the mirror. Applying the last of my lip balm I made my way down stairs to where my parents awaited with extreme happiness on their faces.

“Oh darling you look wonderful!” My mum beamed with joy and tears forming in her eyes. I hugged them both goodbye and made my way out of the front door and to the taxi where I met my best friend at the door of the car. I said hi to everyone and we made out way to the prom.

“So are you coming back to mine after prom Lil’ I think my brother said he’ll pick us up?” My best friend Zoe asked me (yes, Lil’ is an abbreviation for Lily…although my parents named me Lillian). Seeing as you don’t actually know much about me or my life I only have one sister but she lives in another city, I am 16 and I am in love with a band member…who just so happens to be by best friends brother. Bradley Simpson.

“Yeah, sure I think my dad’s going to drop my bag off so yeah, is everyone staying?” I reply. “Yeah I think Brad’s got the band round so we’ll all be staying in the front room, cool?” I nod in agreement as I notice we have arrived and it’s time for us all to step out of the now stuffy taxi and make our way into what is meant to be one of the best nights of our life. With my clutch bag in one hand and Zoe’s hand in the other we walk into the overly decorated hall. Here goes nothing.

12pm and prom is finished and what an amazing night it was. Now waiting for Brad to pick everyone up we reminisce over the best parts of the night; watching the teachers try and have fun, joking around with everyone and even dancing to ‘Can We Dance’! We’re taken out of our thoughts by the honking of a car horn and as I look up Brad’s walking over to us.

“Well are you lot going to get in the car or what?!” He wonders aloud as we laugh and somewhat walk over to the car. Emma, Phoebe and I in the back, Zoe and Brad in the front. As Brad holds the door open for us I’m the last one in and I try to avoid eye contact just so I can avoid blushing.

“So good night?” I’m totally thrown back by the simplest question that I almost bang my head on the car roof as I get in; narrowly avoiding that embarrassing situation I look up to Brad smirking and agree that it was a good night just praying that there aren’t any more awkward moments throughout the night…or should I say morning?

After what feels like a 20 minute drive and having Phoebe falling asleep on my shoulder and mumbling in my ear I’m glad to get out of the car and into the familiar house of Zoe’s family home. After being greeted by her mum everyone makes their way into the front room only to find that there are duvets and pillows already out.

Suddenly a loud scream like noise echoes through the house and James and Tristan come bounding into the room and engulfing me into a hug.

“Was your prom great? Was it a night to remember? Oh my god who was best dressed?” Tristan yells in an American accent leading me into fits of laughter. I sit on one of the sofas and James joins me with a beer in his hand.

“Real talk though, was it a good night? Did you beg?” He asks with a smile on his face. “Yeah it was brilliant and they played some good music. They even played this new band I think they were called The Vampires or something? I don’t know but they really want to dance!” I say elbowing his side.

After thorough procrastination and a Simpson sibling argument, everyone decides to get into their pyjamas and we put on “The conjuring” not the best idea as it’s about 2am now and that film is super scary, but luckily as everyone took their places on the river of duvets and pillows I ended up placed in the middle of Zoe and Brad. Yes, a Simpson sandwich.  Halfway through the film I feel  my eyes getting heavier and pull a blanket over me as I am consumed by sleep.

*Quick Authors note -  This is my first Vamps fan fiction, so let me know what you think please and I hope it was okay:)*

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