Chapter 14

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It was finally Friday, the day Nick was allowed to leave the hospital. I helped him walk to the bathroom so he could get dressed. I was about to close the door, when Nick grabbed my arm. "Your not going to help me?" He said, pouting.

"You can do it yourself, right?" I said, completely embarrassed at the fact that he wanted me to help him get dressed.

"And what if I can't. Wouldn't you help me?" He asked teasing me, knowing what he was doing to me.

"Why don't you just call one of your friends to come help you. They wouldn't mind helping you."

"Are you just saying no because I don't have my boxers on?"

Why does he have to be right all the time?

"No." I said a little too quickly.

"Sure, you're going to see it sometime, why not now?"

"Fine I'll help you, but only if you put your boxers on first."

"Fine, but no guarantees that I will." He mumbled the last part so I couldn't hear it, but I heard it anyway, and he knew it. He walked into the bathroom and came out a minute later. He dropped his hospital gown, I was glad he actually put a pair of boxers on. I helped him get dressed the rest of the way.

We finished getting him dressed, and headed to the front door. When we got to the living room, there was a pack get together going on. There were many people coming up to us and congratulating me and Nick. It took me a while to figure out that they were talking about me being marked. I was so worried about Nick, that I hadn't even worried about covering up my mark. I still don't even know what my mark is.

After an hour of talking, we finally got to go home. Nick fell asleep in the car, but I couldn't blame him he was just in the hospital. I shut the car off and woke Nick up.


"Nick get up. I'm not carrying you into the house."

"But gfscbj wanna edcbhjvx..."

"Nick, if you don't get up, I can't guarantee what will happen to you."

After I said that, his eyes shot open. I giggled and got out of the car. He walked up stairs, while I closed and locked the door. I went upstairs to our room and got clothes for a shower. When I got out, I looked at my mark in the mirror. It was beautiful, yet complicated.

It was two wolves howling at the full moon. It was surrounded by forest and a lake was in front of the two wolves.

"Admiring my work, are you?" Nick said as he snaked his arms around my waist.

"It's beautiful, but I've never seen one so complicated."

"It just makes a complicated woman like you, even more complicated. I mean, more beautiful."

"Nice try lover boy." I said as I playfully punched him. He followed me back to the back, where I collapsed from a pain in my stomach. I screamed from the pain.

"Alex, what's wrong?" Nick said freaking out completely.

"My stomach hurts, it's killing me." I managed to say. He didn't respond, so I figured that he was mindlinking someone. When he was done, he walked over to me and held me closer to him.

After what seemed like forever, the doctor walked in. He held his nose as if something in the room disgusted him. I looked at him confused, and then cried out in pain again. He responded by asking, "Who's in heat?"

"What do you mean?" I managed to say before another wave of pain hit me, this time it was accompanied by a wave of heat. By now I had tears streaming down my face as I kept crying out.

"Nick, you're going to have to come with me for a second. She will be fine, I promise."


Sorry I haven't updated recently. My family was in town and I had hockey. My schedule is hectic, so I'll update when I can. Two questions for this chapter; What do you think is going to happen to Alex? and What do you think the doctor will tell Nick? Luv ya <3.


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