Taylor only took two seconds to answer the phone, which was a good thing because I was dying to talk to my best friend.


Holy mother fucker! What the fuck? Did she seriously answer the phone while she was having sex!?!?!?! What the hell!


That's all it took for me to hang up. Oh my god. Why does she always do this. I think I have to throw up. Who dose that, it's not like you put your phone under you back during sex like ew. Well since I can't talk to my best friend I'll go take a shower. It's not like anyone was home in this big ass house. Don't get me wrong, just because we lived in Chicago before and my parents got fired didn't mean we were broke. My dad mostly brought the money in. He had more than one job, most he was the manager. I just don't see why he couldn't have bought a new business back in Chicago. Why relocate?

After my twenty minute shower I put on some black high wasted shorts with a batman crop top and some converse with the bat man logo on them. I.love.batman. Like seriously I know I'm a little to old to like cartoons but come on bat man is bad ass he basically proves you don't need superpowers to be a hero,just money, and he's so big and had muscles and a body. The younger him of course. I dint know why I just love batman.a lot. I might as well take a walk or something it's only 4:40 since we get out of school at 2:36 it gave me a lot of the afternoon to my self.

I would normally spend my afternoons dancing with R.E.A.L but they aren't here. On my walk I just carried my self along the sidewalk memorizing streets so I know my way around and back home. When I got about a block away from my house Taylor called back. To be honest I don't know if I should answer or not.


"Yea who else would be calling me from my phone. Did you enjoy you fuck."

"What are you talking about?"

"I called you like thirty minutes ago and you were apparently getting rammed pretty hard by some one."like she doesn't know what I'm talking about.

"Oh shit you heard that."yes unfortunately.

"I'm pretty sure your whole neighborhood head you Taylor!"

"Oh well he knows how I like it and boy what a good fu-"

"I will hang up on you."

"Sorry but anyways, This isn't your same number..." Oh shit I forgot is bought a new phone. I lost mines on the plane on my way here. And my stalker ex wouldn't leave me alone. It's funny how now he has a problem with that but before he left me in a split second for her

"Sorry I had to get a new one."


"Because Matt kept calling and texting me."

"Ohh yea. He's being a complete bitch over here. He won't even leave me alone."

"HA! What is he bothering you for?" He better not try to fuck her to get back at me. I know Taylor isn't like that but still that wouldn't stop him from trying.

"He's just been bugging me for your number, which I didn't even have."

"Like I said sorry my first one either got lost or stolen."

"You should have beat someone's ass like seriously." Such a violent girl this one.

"I don't think my parents would enjoy the phone call from airport security."

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