Summer's pov:
It's been a couple of months since the last I saw Niall, I just couldn't bring myself to go anymore and see him like that. It hurt too much.

There was a week left of school, then grad. 
Plus, prom was tonight..
Still didn't have anybody to go with, and I'm not even sure if I want to go anymore. 

It was the end of the day, and I was at my locker just getting my stuff together to leave. Once I closed my locker, I turned around and saw.. Harry?
I haven't spoken to Harry in a long while, nor did I want to.

"Um, hi harry", I said, looking down at my feet awkwardly.
"hey summer, can I ask you something?" He said.
"uh yeah I guess", I said, moving my gaze from the ground to his face. 
"do you have a date to prom tonight?" He asked, my eyes widen, my mouth opend a little, trying to think of a reply. 

"no", I sighed quietly, waiting for him to start making fun of me.
"wanna be my date possibly?" He asked after a few seconds slowly.

Agaun, trying to think of an excuse, but I couldn't. 
I might as well say yes, I'm not doing anything, and I rather not go home and look at the beautiful dress I bought go to waste. 
And what can happen either way? nothing, and iI'm gonna make sure of that.

"Soo?" Harry said, not getting impaitent.
I rolled my eyes and nodded my head. 

Once I got home, I went right into the shower.
Today was a really hot day, and I rather not go to prom smelling/looking gross. 

After my shower, I stood infront of the bathroom mirror and dryed my damp hair.
After going through that struggel, I curled it nicely, not missing a piece of hair. 

Finishing off my hair, I took out my make-up bag and started with my eye make-up. 
I did the full on eyeliner and eye shadow with mascara. 
I then made my lips a bright red.

Looking over my hair and make-up once more, I walked out of the bathroom with nothing but a towel. I looked at the time on my phone seeing it say '6:06pm', Harry said he's be here at 6:30, so he'd be here soon. 

I walked over to my closet and took out my dress. 
It was beautiful.

A aqua coloured, long, sleevless dress. 
Around the chest area it was sparklnd, matching my shoes and bag perfectly. 
I slipped on my dress careully not ruining my hair. 

Once I got it on, I got my shoes and slipped those on as well. 
I looked in my long length mirror and smiled. 

I loved everything about this dress. 
The way I did my hair & make-up. 
All of it. 

The only thing I didn't like too much was that I was going to prom with someone that isn't Niall. 
I really did want to go with him. 

I sighed, and grabbed my bag off the bed and put some money and my phone in there. 
Opening the door to my room, I walked out and down the stairs. 

Walking down I heard the door bell ring, telling me Harry was here. 
I opened the door to see Harry in a tux, with a corsage in his hand, he looked up and smiled at me, I couldn't help but smile back, that smile I once did fall for. 

"Oh honey you look beauitful", I heard my mum say behind me. 
I turned around and saw her there with my dad and my brother in his hands. 

"Darling you look gorgoeus", my dad smiled at me.
"Thanks dad", I smiled at him. 

"Harry! Come in, I need pictures!"
"Mum.." I whined. 
"Summer please", she jokily whined, even tough she knew she was gonna get pictures. 

Harry chuckled behind me and walk in, putting his arm around my waist. 
We smiled at the camera, taking a few pictures, then we finally left. 

"Ha, sorry about that", I laughed, getting into the car with Harry.
"Your mum never changed", he smiled over, starting the car and driving away.
"Nope", I laughed. 

We sat in silence until we got to the school. 
The lights all around the entrance looked beautiful. 
Walking in, there were people everywhere, two snack tables, music blaring loudly, and lights everywhere. Overall amazing. 

Harry walked in, putting his arm around my waist once again, I looked over at him, as he looked at me smiling. 

"Shall we?"
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