Chapter 3

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I wake up and get dressed.I decide to wear high wasted shorts and a cute shirt.I curl my hair and head over to pick up Rose."I can't wait have you ever been paint balling before?"Rose walks over and flips the TV on.We watch Nemo.Ding-dong."Its them."Rose turns around and looks at me."do I look okay?"I nod."what about me?"She nods back.I open the door to see Niall."Hey girls come on."He runs to the limo.Niall opens the door for us and runs to the other side.Rose and I sit next Louis and Harry.Oh God please help me."So are you ready to be beaten?"Zayn asks Rose."Are you?"She has a smirk on her face."ooooh"the boys yell in Zayn's face."what about you have you ever played?"Harry looks at me."Ah no,but it sounds fun"The boys look over at me."So we have a beginner"Louis looks over at Niall.They both laugh.


We finally arrive at the place.The boys all file out of the car and head to the building.We all enter and are put in a room."Okay everyone,we need you to split in two group or you can have partners.Choose then I will talk about the rules"We all look at each other."Sam's on my team!"I turn to see Harry calling me over to him."Then Rose is on my team!"Liam yells at Harry.We get out team together .

Team Harry-Sam,Louis,Niall

Team Liam-


"Okay now for the rules.You can go anywhere and climb anything,but if you get hurt it's your fault.We will give you five minutes to get ready.Starting now!"We all run off the opposite way of Liam's team."Lads and Sam,i have a plan"Harry tells us we all huddle up in a little group."Louis and Niall you will go try and find Liam,Rose you will come with me I have an idea."Niall and Louis run off leaving me and Harry alone."Come on Rose!"Harry runs off looking stupid."Harry!"I run after him.Someone pulls me into a bush."be quiet!"I turn to see Harry."This is my plan the boys are going to make a noise when Liam is near us and your going to act like your supper confused,and you won't have a gun.You will distract him while I shoot him.Now you have to look really innocent."This is stupid but I just go along with it."Okay."Harry smiles down at me.This is awkward we are in a small fake bush.Harry pushes me out of the bush."harry"I yell whisper.I walk out.I know I am suppose to act like I don't know what is going on,but I really don't know."guys" I whisper."Where are you?"I turn around to see Liam standing pointing his gun at me."Liam i'm lost and I don't know where any one is.He puts his gun down,and walks over to me."You can be on our team,the first time I played I got lost to......."The next thing I now I see harry jump out of the bush and shoot Liam."Got yah!"Harry yells Grabbing my arm and pulling me away."Great work!"Harry turns and smiles at me while we run."Thanks."We jump into a Big bush."Hey Sam!"Niall yells."Wheres Louis?"Niall laughs."He's out"We all laugh."i know where Rose is."Niall whispers."okay"Harry whispers back."Sam you get Rose and I will get Zayn Niall you make sure that Sam doesn't get hit."Harry looks more serious now."lets go"I turn a corner and see Rose sitting on a rock.Easy shot.I aim and fire I hit her right in the back."She falls to the floor acting dead."Hahah!"I run off.I turn around and see Zayn shooting at me."Help Niall,Harry!"I turn a corner."Sam!"Niall jumps out of a bush and shoots Zayn."One left!"We run over to harry."Niall got Zayn!"Harry laughs."Now for Paul"We walk slow mo to find him."Niall,he's right there."I whisper in his ear.Harry turns and shoots Paul."Yeah,We Won!!"We jump up and down.Niall loosing it and Jumps on Harry's back."okay!Niall"I laugh and he jumps down."What you want a turn?"I blush a little."No!"He laughs."To late!"Niall picks me up and puts me on Their shoulders."Niall,put me down!"Harry laughs."You are light as a feather what do your parents feed you?"I laugh."Double stuff Oreos"Haha."we all laugh.We head into the lobby were the loosing team is."Haha,told you I would win!"Zayn just makes a 'what ever look'.That boy.

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