There's Nothing To Worry About, okay?

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So sorry for the long update, but now that my exams and everything are over, I'm all yours *-*

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"Each day she looks even more like you, love" the words filled my brain over and over again, to the point where it made me sick.

"Leah, are you okay?" I looked to my right side where Evelyn, whose you could describe as socially awkward, was looking at me through her thick glass lenses.

"Yeah, why?" I fake a smile.

"Because you have been scratching that paper for the last fifteen minutes" She says worried and I take a look at the notebook in front of me.

My once half blank page was now covered in blue scribbles and I took a quick look at the girl beside me, her eyes were still scanning me with a fearful look, I opened my mouth to try to explain but next thing I felt was my morning latte coming up to my mouth. My only instincts were to cover my mouth and leave the classroom the fastest I could.

I could hear the whispering behind my back while I ran to the bathroom. I then closed the stall and knelled in front of the toilet emptying my breakfast. I slowly slid through the wall when I was done.

The time flied by and when I noticed, I had spent my whole morning sitting against the wall. I finally had the guts to get up and get back to the real world, only because I remembered that Nick had lunch period right now.


The sigh of a mop of curls gave me a feeling of relief.

He smiled when he saw me dragging himself to the side so I could sit, which I did.

"What's wrong?" he asked, probably because of the mess I am.

"Nothing, I just had a bad night that's all..." He nodded, not believing it. The difference between Josh and Nick is that Josh would never let this go until I told him, Nick asks and accepts what I say cause he knows that sooner or later I'll tell him.

The bell ringed, and I got up pretending I would go to class.

Making my way to the lockers, I felt an hand grabbing me. I looked at my best friend who was currently dragging me trough the hallways, "Nick, you have class!"

"So? I know you're not going to yours so I won't be in mine, I know something is wrong and I know you'll tell me when you want to but don't think I'm gonna let you by yourself."

I sighed and he kept talking, "besides, it's Mrs Ramez class, you know how she has a crush on me, so it won't be a problem", he trew me a smirk and I got into his car.

 He drove to Yojo in two long minutes full of silence, not awkward silence tho...

Getting there, I ran to one of the sofas in the corner ,which are the most private ones, while Nick ordered something.

"Cookies and hot chocolate for the Lady"

"Thanks Nick but I'm really not hungry..."

"Are you sure? You should eat, it would give you energy and cheer you up..."

No, it would make me throw up again, I thought to myself while nodding to the curly boy in front of me.

Suddenly the little bells from the door started ringing and next thing I see is an angry Josh...oh shit.

"Yeah thanks for the invitation to miss school and come here!" he said annoyed.

"It wasn't planned Josh...Leah just had a bad night and needed to get out of there" Nick explained.

"No, it wasn't only a bad night and I know this because people asked me if she was okay cause my fucking best friend ran out of her first class and missed all the other classes" he paused looking straight at me, only making me drift my eyes to my mismatched socks, "care to explain why?"

"Josh it was nothing...really" I said quietly.

 "Well it certainly doesn't look like nothing"

"Josh..." Nick warned.

 "No, is it fucking wrong that I worry about my best friend?! I just wish she would trust me or us and tell what's going on." he raised his voice to the point where the few people in there started paying attention.

"I trust you! There's nothing to worry about!" My voice came out really raspy probably for throwing up earlier.

 "Yeah? Then why don't..." I didn't even listen what he said next because I ran out of the door.

I get that he is worried but that's exactly why I don't want to tell them...I can't stand seeing them worry about me, when they care about me, they stop caring about them and I don't want to think what they would do honestly...


 An hour later after I calmed a bit down, I started regretting running out, not only because of the fucking cold but also the guilt that I felt. They missed school because of me... So I made my way back to Yojo luckily they would still be there.

As always I don't have the best luck so the only person I see is him, not them...


Who is "him"?

Don't hate on Josh please he is just really worried about Leah...

 Love, Tasha

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