~~Perrie's POV~~

I was still shocked. About a month ago Charlie told me about her brother Jake. She gave me permission to tell it to Zayn, so I did. He was really positive about it saying 'If he's coming home that's amazing!'. And we've been going around thinking that she actually, like, was starting to fall for Liam. How silly of me.

So, her brother is coming home. Does that mean she is gonna live with him? Would she rather be with him? Of course she would. It's her brother for gods sake. She probably doesn't even want to be here. But she is starting to warm up to Zayn and the boys. And she got along quite great with the girls too.

I pushed all the negative thoughts aside and looked up at Zayn. He looked at me with raised eyebrows and hands folded together.

"What?" I asked.

"I've been trying to get your attention for ten minutes now. What are you thinking of?" He asked.

"Charlie" I said being honest. As Zayn was about to reply Charlie walked into the kitchen. She was looking at her phone.

"Something wrong Charlie?" Zayn asked. Iooked at her with raised eyebrow as well did Zayn.

"No. No not at all. Just. Harry texted me, asking if I wanted to go for lunch today. I just wanted to ask if that was okay" She looked at us. I smiled and looked at Zayn. If she wants to go thats great! Harry is a great guy and if he just protects her if any paparazzi or fans happens, then it's all good.

"Sure. You don't have to ask." I told her.

"I know. But I wanted to" She said and smiled. Then she dissapeared back upstairs, probably to change into some other clothes than pyjamas.

~~Charlie's POV~~

I replyed to Harry's text message and ran back upstairs to change into some proper clothes. I took my suspender shorts and my superman crop top, with my white flat shoes. Then I walked into my bathroom. I stripped down my pyjamas and and walked into the shower.

After I'm done showering I stepped out and wrapped a towel around my body. I walked back into my room, my face still uncowered and left with the old bruises. I blowdried my hair and once I was done with that I turned around to find the clothes I picked out, but instead I came to face Perrie. When she saw me her eyes widened and her jaw slightly dropping.

"Wha-what happened?" She asked stuttering. I turned around around and began to collect the clothes.

"It's nothing" I mumbled walking into bathroom. I put the clothes on and some makeup to cover all the bruises and some mascara. The usual routine. I walked back out and Perrie was still there sat on my bed.

"Charlie it's not nothing. Please. You scared me. I'm really worried about you" She said in a calm tone.

"Please. Just. Don't give up on me" I said wiping the single tear that has fallen down my cheek. Usually if they see some of my bruises or get a hold of my pills-which I have to remember to take before I go- they give up and send me back. I don't want that. Not with these people. I actually see a future now. Hopefully some happiness. That's all I'm asking for.

"Of course I'm not gonna give up. You're a part of the family now. C'mere"She said spreading her arms out. I know, she knows, that it's a chance she's taking with the hugs. But I accept it and wrap my arms around her waist. I mumbled a quiet thank you and she just hugged me tighter.

"Okay. Now go. Harry is waiting. Are you okay?" She asked. I nodded my head and smiled. I quickly put my makeup on to cover the bruises and ran downstairs silently counting the steps down. When I reached the bottom I almost jumped into Harry.

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