Chapter 8

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The sun was starting to set. Perfect.

" Hey Zoey!" he said.

" What?" she asked.

Rythian opened the window. He motioned for her to follow. Zoey came over. Then Rythian took her hand.

" Hold on tight." he warned.

" What are you-" she got cut off.

Rythian flew out the window with Zoey clinging on. He flew up to the roof of the house. He sat her down first, then landed himself.

" Oh my gosh Rythian, are you crazy!?" Zoey screamed.

" Not really," he laughed " Sorry if I scared you."

Zoey crossed her arms, " Gave me a heart attack!" she mumbled.

Rythian rolled his eyes, " Your fine though."

" I guess your right," she sighed " why did you bring me up here?"

" Because," Rythian started " you can see everything. This is one of my favorite places."

ZOEY 6:06 SEPTEMBER 29, 2013

She looked over at Rythian. He had compassion and awe in is eyes as he looked over the neighborhood. This made Zoey smile. Rythian looked over at her. She could tell that he was smiling through his mask.

" Please take off your mask," she pleaded " I want to see your real smile."

He took his mask off, " There you go, your highness." he laughed.

Zoey finally got to see his real smile. It was perfect. She scooted closer to Rythian. They were now shoulder to shoulder. She leaned her head on his shoulder and looked over the neighborhood. He was right it was pretty amazing up here. She was surprised when Rythian put his arm around her shoulder. She felt safe. She felt... at home.

" I can see why you love it up here, it is pretty cool." she broke the silence.

" I come up here a lot to think." he mentioned.

" What do you think about up here." she asked.

" A lot of things," he simply said, " decisions, problems, what has happened, just random things."

" Oh," she said, " what are you thinking about now?" she inquired.


This question took Rythian by surprise. What was he thinking about? He was thinking about Zoey. And how much he needs her. How much, he dare say, loves her. Of course, Rythian would never say this out loud.

" About the city, about school, about my so called mom, about the few people I love." he answered.

" Am I one of those people?" she asked.

He had to be careful on how he answered this. Do I say yes or no?

" Yes, no, well not like that..." he mumbled.

" So friends?" she asked.

" Yeah, friends." Rythian replied.

" So as a friend, your okay with Duncan taking me to the dance?" she changed the topic quickly.

" Why do you keep bring that up?" He raised his voice a little. Zoey never responded.

" But ya, I'm cool with it, who else would take a crazy girl like you?" he immediately regretted that last part.

Zoey pulled away from him and glared at him.

"Crazy?" she repeated.

" Zoey that's not how I meant it." Rythian rushed the words out.

" Really? Then how did you mean it? Cause I think you knew exactly what you meant." She got up.

" No I... I meant-" he got cut off.

" Get me down from here." she demanded.

" Let me explai-" he got cut off again.

" I said get me down." she said a more sternly.

Rythian didn't want to argue anymore, so he did as she asked. He took her back inside. She immediately took her backpack and stomped out of the house. Rythian tried to stop her.

" Zoey wait." he tried to convince her to stop.

" For what? Your just like everyone else." she shouted.

" No that's not true I care about you." he said.

" You know what, leave me alone." she started walking down the street.

Rythian didn't want to upset her more than her already had. He let her be. He let his head hang low and walked back inside his house.

ZOEY 12:37 SEPTEMBER 29, 2013

Zoey was up late to think about what had happened. How could he? How could he? Why would Rythian say those words? Why would Rythian? Maybe I should have let him explain. No. He said what he said. He obviously doesn't see you as a good friend. I thought he cared, though. Why? Why? All the sudden Zoey's phone buzzed. It was a text from Rythian.

' I'm so sorry Zoey'

' I can't change what I said but I would if I had the chance'

' Your a wonderful person and I'm sure anyone else would take you'

' I don't blame you if you hate me forever'

' So this is goodbye'

Zoey had to respond to that. She didn't want to lose him as a friend.

' Why aren't you sleeping?' Zoey texted

' I couldn't, not knowing what I said.'

' Go to sleep we have school tomorrow.' Zoey

' I could say the same to you, why aren't you sleeping?'

' Bye Rythian, see you tomorrow.' she sighed.

' Wait Zoey please.'

' Please, don't leave.'

Zoey had already turned her phone off. She went to sleep.

* The Next Day*

Zoey didn't want to go to school. Number one, she was super tired. She only had six hours of sleep. Number two, she didn't want to see Rythian right now. She remembered their fight from last night. She was still mad at him for what he said. Zoey didn't want to hear what Rythian had to say. She flopped out of bed and got ready for school.

Authors Note: He said who else would take a crazy girl like you! Omg. They fighting. It's all part of the plan though! Yay! K, bai! :)

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