Chapter 4 – Stuck together


“Hunter will be your bodyguard from now on” papa said and with that my eyes widened.


I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, no… please not him… please

“Like I’ve told you, Hunter will be your bodyguard from now on” papa said once again but this time I couldn’t deny it anymore.

“Are you serious?” I asked, “Why him?”

To be honest I can’t deny the fact that I’m happy that my mate will be by my side from now on but a part of haven’t forgiven him yet for rejecting me earlier in my room.

I mean that was a first for me to initiate something so big like my first kiss but he turned away and rejected me!

“Well for one, he will be willing to die just to save you and I am assured of that because for second… he’s your mate” papa said but whispered the last three words with so much hate.

“But I barely knew him, and we have lots of more capable warriors to be my bodyguard!” I exclaimed.

Why am I even arguing about this?

I should be happy right since I get to spend time with him even though I know that he doesn’t…

“No more arguments, you’ll be sleeping into your sister’s room tonight until we get your room fixed,” papa said as he went back to his sit and continued doing his paper look.

I gave mama a pleading look but she just avoided my eyes as if she wasn’t telling me about something.

If only I knew that she was hiding something…

I turned around to give papa my puppy dog eyes but since he was smart to avoid it, unfortunately it didn’t work so I just glared at my sexy hunk of a mate before storming out of the room.

I went straight ahead towards Clarisse’s room since I’ll be staying there anyway also to vent my anger on someone.

Although Clarisse is one fierce bitch (in a good way of course), she was still the best sister you could ask for even though we always have arguments she was always there for me when I needed someone to listen to me and vice versa but lately I haven’t been doing it since she was busy with her new target so I always turn to Cameron instead.

As I finally reach her room I didn’t bother knocking since I was still upset and of course it was as if she knew she didn’t even bother averting her eyes off her phone probably stalking her new target.

I instantly threw myself onto her bed and childishly started beating her huge teddy bear, well it was mine at first since I was the one who found it but I left it here since Luke would never and I mean never come into Clarisse room if he doesn’t want to taste her wrath—but back to the subject—anyway I left it here since Luke would always steal it and do something with it just so to annoy so I made a brave choice of leaving it here and surprisingly it managed to stay alive!

When I finally got tired of beating the poor thing I sat up and looked at the teddy bear.

Poor thing…

This is all Hunter’s fault!

“So what did Mr bear did for you to beat the poor thing?” Clarisse finally asked when she placed her phone down and turned her attention back to me.

“I’m fine too, thanks for asking by the way” I sarcastically replied which only earned an eye roll from her.

“I wasn’t asking about you” she snapped, “So what do you want, I’m a very busy person”

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