Third person's POV

Hello. My name is Patrick. I will be something like the guest voice in this book.

So, as you understood, I know everything. But, I'm not gonna tell you anything. You will travel along with the characters and explore the adventures of Liam and Lea, but also Harry and Zoe.

Little did Liam know, that Lea would be hard to get. Or that behind her smile, huge secrets would be hidden. He is gonna help her get over them, but in the meantime will their relationship be destroyed?

Harry's and Zoe's story is much more simple. The problem is as Harry is known as a womanizer, will he do something that will destroy Zoe's trust? Or will the popstar life, ruin their relationship?

You will find out everything eventually. But for now, the only thing that you have to know is that the drama will wait.

I have to go now. My co-workers are waiting for me to go PARTAYYY!!

I'm gonna be back. But for now, watch out.

 I'm everywhere bitchezz,

 xoxo -P


Author's note!

Hellooo my lovely readers! I've been waiting for you! Sooo, as you can see I'm back with Patrick.

Just for you to know, it's not the last time you see him here. He is also going to make a guest appearance somewhere in the future.

I love you all!

Lots of love for my little butterflies,

Sia ♥♥

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