Chapter 24

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I started eating my pop tart that was in Vic's Pocket and started snacking. The transition to All Time Low's set was about 30 minutes, so we helped All Time Low set up and get all their wires hooked up. When it came close to their set, the kids in the crowd started chanting their name. I hugged each member and Mike, Tony, Vic and Jaime gave them each a bro hug before they ran on stage and started playing The Reckless and the Brave. Like always, the crowds energy was insane and what not. They played their 8 song set. They finished the song, followed by coffee shop soundtrack, weightless, therapy, backseat serenade, somewhere in Neverland, dear Maria, and last but not least A Love Like War where Vic ran out on stage and joined in. The crowds energy and sound level when Vic came out was at an all time high (heehee get it?). Honestly, All Time Low knows how to put on a show, and fuck with your emotions (ATL song reference 😉). Finally, ATL said their goodbyes to the crowd and ran off stage. Alex, Jack, and Zack gave their strings to two different set up crew. Jack squatted and put his hands behind his back, indicating he wanted me to jump on his back and piggy back. I instantly jumped on his back as instinct, not realizing how sweaty and gross he was until he was already walking.
"EWW YOURE SWEATY!" I yelled down at Jack
"I know." Jack bent over to make sure I wouldn't fall off, took one of his hands and swiped his forehead and moved it back towards my face and barely smacked my face.
I squirmed and squealed and moved so much that Jack let go of me and I fell off. Luckily, the other boys were walking behind us and Jaime ran up and caught me.
We walked past the second main stage where MGK was performing one of my favorite songs. I remember it from last summer with Taegan and Helen when we played this song on repeat and mesmerized it; the song was Cleveland.
I didn't even notice that I was rapping along and going the hand motions that Helen made up. All of the boys were staring at me with amazement. When I saw them staring at me I stopped and started blushing.
"Lily, do you wanna go watch MGK?" Vic asked
"Only if you guys wouldn't mind" I replied.
"We've watched him perform before. Cleveland is the third to last song." Alex mentioned
"Let me guess, lace up and Wild Boy are the last two."
"Correct" Alex replied
We maneuvered our way through different groups of people. Some being fans and wanting pictures and signings, of course, none of then denied the fans of what they wanted.
We finally got to the stage in the middle of Lace up.
I rapped along with MGK and the guys were shocked that I knew every word.
"Taegan, Helen and I had the hugest crush on MGK and we listened to him EVERYDAY." I chuckled and the boys smiled
I felt my pocket vibrate and checked my phone.
I had a text from Michael, 'You're so ugly that it hurts'
I quickly locked my phone screen and put it into Tony's pocket. I'm really just getting sick of Michaels shit. I turned around and tried my best to just enjoy the music.
"Lills, you got a text" Tony tapped on my shoulder while reading the text on my phone. I snatched the phone as quickly as possible but he had already read it. Tony's face grew red as his jaw and fists tightened. He stormed off and I instinctively followed him.
"Tony! TONY!" I yelled trying to catch up with him. I snapped around, "What Lills!?" Tony yelled, "it's not fucking okay! He needs to stop this shit!"
I held his face in my hands and talked calmly to him, "Tony dear, don't get mad. Ill just change my phone number. Okay? It's no reason to get pissed." I smiled reassuringly
"But this stalking shit isn't okay either" Tony whimpered
"If he doesn't stop, we can file a police report. I'll be okay, promise."
I grabbed his hand and gently tugged it signaling to go back to where the guys are.
"Wait, the guys are going to want to know where we went. We need to get some food or something and stage it" Tony smirked
"Well... You can never go wrong with a funnel cake" I grinned
We found a set up crew member and asked him to get us a funnel cake.
I always felt kinda bad for treating the set up crew like slaves, but they understand that we can't go get our own food because we don't want to be mobbed, and they don't mind anyways. We stood a little off the backstage ramp waiting for the funnel cake when Jaime walked towards us. "What's up?" Jaime questioned curiously
"I wanted a funnel cake" I smiled
"Ooooh, is it okay if I have some?" Jaime asked excitingly
"Nope, you can't have none of its doughy goodness," I sighed sarcastically, "yes Jaime you can have some" I smiled
We stood around for a few minutes just chit chatting.
Tony still had my phone and pulled it out of his pocket and read my screen, I assumed I had gotten a notification. His face grew red quickly and his fist clenched before he threw my phone to the ground quickly.
"TONY!" I gasped running after my phone, which was broken to pieces. Jaime grabbed Tony's shoulders and tried to calm him down but it didn't work; Tony ran off somewhere.
"Jaime, just stay here for the funnel cake, okay? I'm going to find Tony" I told Jaime
"No, I have to go with you, you can't go by yourself. Everyone promised" Jaime whimpered
"Fine, then go get Mike to come with me, he is the only one who can hold Tony down."
"He was acting reckless, he's going to need two people to hold him down and one to talk to him." Jaime replied
"Then go get Mike and Austin! I can talk to him!" I said, my voice a little agitated.
I watched Jaime talk to the two boys and them immediately running towards me.
"Which way did he go?" Austin asked
"Thataway" I pointed.
Before I knew it, I was thrown onto Austin's back and we were running
Mike would stop and ask if they saw Tony and which way he went.
We followed the instructions and saw Tony walking on the sidewalk outside the venue, fists still clenched. Austin let me down before Mike and him ran to Tony and battled him to the ground. I stood a distance away astonished at the scene, but I snapped out of my daze and ran towards the three boys.
Austin and Mike each had one of Tonys shoulders pinned to the building walls and Tony's legs were in front of him. Tony was still fighting to be freed and the other two were struggling to hold him down.
I straddled Tony and he stopped flailing his legs, his arms still going
"Shhh shhh Tony, calm down, it's okay." I said calmly holding his face in my hands. He let out a whimper and stopped flailing completely. I wrapped my arms around his neck and I felt his arms wrap around me. I heard sniffling and felt warm drops staining my shirt and I tightened the hug.
"Don't cry Tony, I'll be okay I promise" I whispered.
"I'm so sorry Lillianna, I'll buy you a new phone, the newest version and a new case and everything." Tony ranted, "I'm so sorry" he cried out
"It was Michael, wasn't it?" I questioned
"That little bitch" Austin muttered. I looked up at both Austin and Mike who looked angry.
"Guys. Drop it right now. We can talk about it later" I told the two and directed my attention back to the one who I was sitting on.
"He said I was a worthless piece of shit who isn't worth his precious oxygen, didn't he" I asked Tony
"He's said that to you before?" Tony looked up
"That's all I hear anymore dearest" I said wiping away a tear off his cheek.
"I just promised to protect you and it's so hard when you have a dick like that that would be so easy to just slap the shit out of"
"I know, but we can't do that. We just have to ignore him" I smiled.
I stood up and helped lift Tony off the ground.
Austin have me a side hug and Mike did the same.
We started walking back to the venue, "ya know, the amount of hate I get from Michael is at least tripled by the amount of love I receive from you guys. If that even makes sense."
The boys chuckled, "it does" Austin grinned.

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