Traitor's Fate (Jul 24-31)

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Challenge: Classics Jul 24-31
Length: 200 words  


Backwards Macbeth stumbled and stared as Macduff laughed, belly pierced by his impotent blade.

"I shall not die that easily, Tyrant, and neither shall thee."

Before Macbeth's very eyes, Macduff pulled free the sword. Then, like an arrow from a bow, was the Thane of Fife on him. Pain took his throat, teeth too sharp to be of mortal man, pierced his flesh, strength deserted his form, and prophecy betrayed its victim.

Macduff pulled back, lips and chin as red as any battlefield, teeth like a wolf.

"T'was my mother's own hand ripped me from her womb,
and placed me safe in the crib of a babe,
lost that night to another mother.
For love was I conceived of mortal man
and hidden with mortal woman,
for love have I denied my true self."

"Wha... what art thou?"

"Born of the Baobhan Sith was I,
and reborn shalt thou be also.
My love hast thou slain, Villain,
And forever shall I slay thee through nights without end.
Thy torment shall I be,
From this moment until the last days!"

With the traitor's kiss came blood. Macbeth knew its deadly taint and, at his last breath, heard the laughter of women.


Michael Fassbender as Macbeth (source Tumblr)

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Michael Fassbender as Macbeth (source Tumblr)

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