Sunlight (Jul 17-24)

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Challenge: SciFi Jul 17-24
Length: 198 words


Jake desperately hit the release on the window shutters. With a click and a phut they flicked back. The glorious light of dawn flooded into the room.

Laughter greeted his efforts.

"But ..." Jake protested.

"Oh, silly child," Lainie said, her fangs glinting in the light, "different suns give off different light. We're only vulnerable to the sunlight we knew when we were mortal."

Jake let out a hysterical little laugh.

"You'll be vulnerable to this light, of course," Lainie said, stepping towards him, "but that's the joy of the 22nd century, we'll just move solar system."

He froze, breath caught in his throat as she stroked under his chin with a long, talon-like nail.

"And where won't we be able to go?" he choked out.

"Oh I'm an original, Darling," she said, "I was alive long before humans stepped off our own little rock."

That was it, everything Jake needed. He pressed the button. The shutters slammed shut again as special emitters in the ceiling flared into life. Lainie screamed as her skin began to blacken.

"Elaine Fransico you have been found guilty of murder and are sentenced to death by the Intergalactic Guild of Monster Hunters."


Claudia burning from "Interview With the Vampire" - source gify

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Claudia burning from "Interview With the Vampire" - source gify

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