Chapter 4

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Ari was so excited. She couldn't wait for her parents to meet her best friend and vice versa. She knew that Jayln would probably go into, what Ari called, 'Fangirl Mode'. She was the biggest theorist out there. Other than herself of course. When Jayln came in she nearly fainted and they literally talked for an hour about theories. Dad even asked her for help on a theory he is making and she accepted too quickly. When they went to Ari's bedroom they started watching YouTube for a while. This was until a man can up behind them. He stabbed Jayln and kidnapped Ariana. When they got to the house the man revealed his mask and was shown to be Ariana's father. Slitting her across the neck, he started laughing like a maniac.
"This is for running away you coward." He shouted and continuously stabbed her to death.

Not all story's have a happy ending.

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