Chapter 2

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That afternoon Ari was helping MatPat with a theory before they started on that days GTLive. It was a theory about Luigi being the richest person ever. It was really interesting she thought. After having lunch and doing 'research' on mansions (aka staring at picture randomly) they got ready for the GT live. Today's GTLive was about Game Theory...The Game. Everyone was really excited to play it and they also had special guest Jirad joining them. She was excited to meet to meet him and was hoping he would be nice. She had seen him a couple of times and he was quite funny. Also today they would be introducing the fans to Ariana and they were hoping the reactions wouldn't be harsh since they had no idea how people would take it. The. Ariana remembered. Jailyn loved to watch the streams and would be watching this one live. Matthew had also gotten Ariana a phone but she hadn't opened it yet. They had two hours before the stream so the decided to do it then. After she had opened the phone and added a few apps as well as signing into her wattpad account which she had made, she called Jailyn. "Hello?" Jailyn's sweet voice answered. "Hi Jailyn." "Ariana?" "That's me." "What the... how the...what?" "It'll be explained later. I just wanted to say I can't come over to watch the stream." "Ok. I'll have to watch it without you then. That's a shame. I'll see you soon." "Bye." "Bye." She turned off her phone and smirked. Boy will she be surprised. She went to go do her hair getting ready for the GTLive. At 3:30 Ryder came and he was very pleased to meet Ariana. Ariana was also pleased to meet him and he was a very nice man according to her. They sat down and begun the stream, Ari starting off at the side. "Hello inter- good theoretical morning." They started. "Let's try that again." "Good theoretical morning." Mat and Steph (or should I say mum and dad) said. "Ryder how could you?" "You were given the middle of the couch seat." "Sorry. Hi. Good theoretical morning." They started teasing and introducing Ryder before they got to the bit I was most nervous for. "Also we have some big news for you guys." "That's right we've adopted a girl." Her hands were trembling as they said "come and introduce yourself Ari." She took a deep breath and walked onto the couch. She sat in between Ryder and Stephanie since she was small enough to do so and said "Hello Internet and welcome to my introduction. My name is Ariana but you can call me Ari." She heard a beep from her phone; since she told Mat and Steph that this was expected she went behind the camera as she looked at her message.
Ari why didn't you tell me?
Cause I wanted it to be a surprise.
Can we meet up soon? I'm really missing you?
Sure. I'll ask Mum and Dad if you can come over.
*faints on the inside*
I'll take that as a yes. Listen I've got to go. Enjoy the stream. 😜
She headed back onto the couch to see they had started the game. "Wow!" She said as she saw their flat. "Can I have a Jason confirms that our house does not look like a palace please?" She said cheekily. "Yes I can confirm that." Jason smirked. They continued on for the rest of the stream, making fun of Ryder for not knowing what a clap and a half was and also making fun of Ryder for doing a stupid impression of Stephanie. You know, the usual.
They finished the stream and Ryder left. They decided to have a movie night and they watched the first 3 Harry Potter movies. Ariana's favourite was prisoner of azkaban. Sirius was one of her favourite characters. After watching the movies, Ari decided to go to sleep. She slipped on her soft purple Harry Potter pyjamas before climbing into her bed. She checked her phone; she had notifications from both wattpad and Jailyn. She texted Jailyn and told her she would call her tomorrow before reading the books: the dragon protectors and also Harry Potter the loved ones return. She thought it amazing that there would be a reality in which all dead Harry Potter characters would be revived. She put her glasses on the table and slowly drifted off to sleep, hoping not to drift into another nightmare.

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