Bonus Chapter

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MatPat's PoV

We couldn't help but look at their bodies. They couldn't be dead - it was our imagination playing tricks on us.
"Steph..." I whispered, hoping that she couldn't see this.
"Matthew, Matthew they can't, cant be dead." Steph broke down and kneeled down, her head on the bed. I put my arm around her and whispered in her ear.
"They were the best. We have to tell the orphanage Jailyn's at - though from her talking about it, they don't really care about her there."

Four days later:

"I had known the girls for barely any time - though I wish I got to know them more. Ari, Ari had never had a childhood. She ran away, and found me. And I am so glad she did. She was our little girl and she always will be our little girl. Jailyn, I knew less than Ariana - however she made our Ari happy, and I am so thankful she did. Jailyn was the sun in ari's life. I wish, hope and bed we can remember these two girls for the rest of our lives." Mat was in tears when he finished his speech. The two graves were about to be buried and we said their last goodbyes, being the only two people there.
"Matthew, Matthew I have to tell you something..." Steph said. As I placed the last fliers upon the two graves.
"What is it Steph?" Steph took a depth breath in front of me and I was scared of what I was about to hear. I took both her hands in mine, and squeezed them, hopefully making her feel better.
"Mat, Mat.... I'm..I'm pregnant."

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