This Changes My Family and My Life Forever, Volume II, The Spanners Series

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This Changes My Family and My Life Forever 


by Sally Ember, Ed.D. 

Copyright 2014 Sally Ember, Ed.D.

About this Volume 

Hello. I am Esperanza Enlaces, Chief Media Contact (CMC) for Dr. Clara Ackerman Branon, first liaison-Chief Communicator (CC)-between Earth and the Many Worlds Collective (MWC). Clara asks me to organize Volume II, This Changes My Family and My Life Forever (the one you're now reading) in The Spanners Series. Since it needs some explaining, I'm the one to provide info.  

Volume I, This Changes Everything's stories are all from the perspectives of the adults who actually are Spanners (except for me), but we also want Earth's teens/ young adults and "new adults" (children and grandchildren of Spanners) to realize that we know how important your roles and perspectives are.  

Earth's Transition to membership in the Many Worlds Collective (MWC) affects everyone differently. Therefore, Volume II is composed of interviews I do with and personal stories from each of Clara's nephews and nieces and her son, Zephyr Branon. Also, it is interlaced with Moran Ackerman's stories.  

Moran Ackerman, age 27 BPC [Before Public Contact] and in his mid-thirties by the end of Transition, is Clara's nephew, Chief of the Psi-Warriors (PWs) and OverSeers covert and special Operations (OSOps). He frames the Transition with descriptions of his Excellent Skills Program training and personal stories of his family life.  

Because of many requests, I also add a Chapter that tells of my first meeting with The Band, picking up right where Clara leaves off in Volume I, This Changes Everything, so that both of our perspectives can be "on record." Even though everyone Accesses the vid a million times by now, I think readers/viewers want to know my personal responses, both before and after we shoot that first vid.  

Clara reviews the draft and tells me it's too "thin." "People want more," she says."They won't like it if you don't give them more about me, about my life. Maybe you could add some things about my years before becoming the Chief Communicator [CC] and then give them some idea of what being the CC is like?" 

I consider this and decide to interview her separately. From these, I insert "Snapshots" of Clara's life at several key points prior to 2012 and then one for each year of the the Transition through 2018, alternating with these other Chapters. This puts more personal stories from Clara in this Volume. I ask a lot of questions about her early years and her daily life now so that we can accumulate a variety of stories and background. I then create fourteen Snapshots, starting when Clara is nine years old and ending last fall, one about every five years or so, that illustrate her circumstances, personal and professional activities and daily schedule. We also decide to put in at least one personal anecdote for almost every Snapshot.  

Therefore, there are the Chapters with interviews, the Chapter Interludes that are narrated by Moran, and the Snapshots interspersed throughout this Volume. Unusual, but somehow, we think it works. Enjoy! 

BTW: For those readers/viewers who are not familiar with the Volumes in this series or our special vocabulary, abbreviations, acronyms and situations, please turn to the end. Appendices A, B, C, D, E and F provide synopses of each Volume as well as glossaries and lists of important people, concepts, the family tree, the Excellent Skills Program training levels and other good info.  

Clara also wants me to remind you that "The Spanners Series'" Volumes are "fiction" and mostly written/spoken in the present tense. Using the present tense (is, are, can, do, live, work, eat, sleep, love, go, come, stay) is to remind us all that, despite the compelling illusion of past, present and future, all time is simultaneous.  

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