Chapter Two | Party Prep

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Chapter Two | Party Prep


"Damn ! We got this nasty ass pizza again for the third Wednesday in this month. Crenshaw need to get it together because I be hungry in lunch. This crap ain't gone do shit but make me even hungrier." Paris complained as we entered the crowded cafeteria. I simply laughed and shook my head at her hungry ass. Our lunch was always nasty, that's why I didn't eat at school. I'd rather starve myself until I get home where I know that's it's clean and good.

I don't even know why she complaining about it to begin with. Nasty Pizza Wednesdays is what everyone likes to call it here at Crenshaw highschool. This school don't care about us or what we do with our lives, they all for the grant checks honestly. They'd give us stale food if they could, but that would only lead to them being shut down in the process. Crenshaw is a crooked as school and I'm glad that it's my last year being in this hell.

"Paris you should be use to this pizza by now, the year is almost over with. You say it's nasty every Wednesday,but yet you still gone eat it again and again and again after this." I laughed at her as we walked up to the line. She talked all that shit about it, but still be stuffing her face with it every time we have it.

"You damn right I'm gone eat it. I'm hungry as fuck Liyah, my mom don't be feeding me right." she groaned as we skipped the long lunch line and headed straight for the front. Nobody dared to say anything to us as we walked in front of them with ease. We weren't hard up, or known for fighting, but we were simply bad bitches. Nobody could fuck with us and over the past three years they never tried.

Paris went and got her plate, while I went straight to the snack line. I don't eat school lunch, so I only ate the food that was packaged already. I simply bought me a bag of hot Cheetos and a red PowerAde to satisfy me until I gott home. At least I wouldn't die from this shit like Paris was at risk of doing. This is my daily meal that holds me over until I get out. Thank God for the snack line because without it, I'd be one hungry bitch everyday.

I paid for my stuff, and we made our way to the booth in the very back of the cafeteria. We had claimed this booth on the first day of our freshman year and it's been ours. Every since then nobody dared to try and sit here. This is our spot for only a couple more months and then they can have this raggedy shit. I wouldn't dare come back to this school after I graduate from here. I mean, don't get me wrong it's a nice ass school, other than the food, but my experience here has been everything but nice.

I opened up my chips and began to eat them as I sat there. These were my favorite chips in the world. I'd go crazy without them, anybody who knows me could tell you that. These chips keep me chill and calm. Most niggas use weed to calm them down, but this is my way. Don't fuck with my hot Cheetos and we cool people.

"You enjoying your pizza ?" I asked Paris sarcastically as she was shoveling the pizza down her throat like it was her last meal. I laughed to myself and shook my head. Talked all that shit for what reason?

She rolled her eyes and gave me a middle finger. "Bitch shut up. Its straight today."

I couldn't stop laughing as she finished the pizza quickly. After she was done we began to talk about a lot of different stuff. She kept me on game with everything and everybody around Crenshaw. She had the scoop on every hoe, thot, nigga, and everybody else too. We weren't messy to the public, but we were messy too each other.

"Sexy Alert, 3 o'clock coming this way. Owe, and he brought a friend too. Good boy !" she clapped excitedly and turned her head to play it off. I laughed and looked back over my shoulder to see if this bitch was being serious. She was exactly right this time. Both of them were coming over here towards our table, looking like they owned the damn school.

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